Video Tribute To Steve Jobs



Steve Jobs was no doubt a visionary and leader. People like this come along once in a lifetime, and to say that he changed the world woud be an understatement. In remembrance, I’ve put together this video. Thank you Steve.

  • cyrocco

    Is this Steve’s real voice?! 

  • davidvkimball

    Good tribute. :)

  • Michael Steeber


  • Rayco9

    Enjoyed this video and am sorry it took me so long to discover how great a man steve Jobs was. Enjoy your trip home Mr.Jobs. GodBless you for changing America.

  • blackops142

    My favorite photo of Steve… Such a sad day.


  • Justfolios

    Fantastic Work !!!!!! :) great words

  • Iphoneication

    great little video,,,, actually made me cry,,, a grown man,, crying,,, Steve has been a part of my life for 14 years,, through marriages, kids,, new beginnings, and old endings,,,, Steve,,,,, thanks for the inspiration!

  • wavefuture

    I keep watching this video again and again.Still can’t believe we lost him.