Everything You Need to Know About the Delicious Food that Apple Serves Its Employees



Apple is known for quality. Quality products, quality design, quality talent — Apple has it all. Unsurprisingly, Apple also serves quality food to its Cupertino employees.

Apple’s main 1 Infinite Loop campus is home to a world class cafeteria called Caffe Macs. An Apple employee named James at Caffe Macs has spilled the beans on everything you could every want to know about Apple’s cafeteria, including lots of yummy food and a run-in with Steve Jobs himself.

The Huffington Post has published a journal kept by James during a typical week of working at Caffe Macs. The article is formatted with different entries for each day of the week and subsequent times throughout each day with anecdotes and thoughts. It’s a fantastic read.

Here’s an excerpt about a run-in that James had with Steve Jobs in the cafeteria:

1:15pm: Finish serving juices until lunch ends at 1:30. Juice bar closes at that time as well, though the adjacent gelato bar stays open the entire day. Some days I’m told to look out for Steve Jobs, who strolls in from time to time to grab a burrito, some lemonade and gelato. My first encounter was when he came up and asked me for a crème brulee gelato in a large cup. I, thinking the task was simple enough, scooped it and asked how him how it looked. “B plus,” he said with a slightly stern look, then said thanks and moved on. I only served him once more since, this time two scoops, “80% caramel pecan, 20% chocolate macadamia.” Said it looked good and proceeded to pick up lemonade. I usually spend until 3:00pm cleaning the juicers and the station.”

There’s plenty of interesting tidbits in the full article, including details about the huge “beer bash” that Apple throws for employees with bands like Maroon 5 and Colbie Caillat every two weeks. But the piece mainly goes to show the level of excellence that Apple strives for in every aspect of business — including what it feeds its employees.

[Insert iPhone 5 sushi joke here.]

  • Dingaling

    I’ve eaten at Caffe Macs a couple of times while up there for meetings. Good food for cheap. For example, baked salmon with roasted vegetables and what not = 7 bucks. While not free like it’s on Google’s campus, it sure as hell beats paying full price elsewhere. Oh, apples are FREE. 

  • Manlikeice

    This is beyond obsession with APPLE, this is borderline disturbing, and really creepy. Of what importance is it to us the type of food they serve? 

  • facebook-100000670318505

    Um wow ok B+ that’s a bit harsh Steve *sarcasum*

  • facebook-100000670318505

    Maby they put iTunes cards in there galato mmmmm angry birds flavored galato

  • facebook-602274890

    you’re a Mac site, of course they’re going to discuss this and actually, what’s served at the campus directly reflects on the quality of life and thus the happiness of their employees and thus the quality of their products.  Derp derp derp..

  • Alex

    There are plenty of other companies that feed their employees well, and have plenty of other perks. This isn’t exactly news worthy. 

    But I guess if you work in some dead end retail job this all sounds very impressive. 

  • Evan Benford

    well this is cult of mac

  • Chris J

    what not?

  • Janelle O’Brien

    Yummm! I’ll have 2 scoops of the vanilla bean gelato, please!

  • Anipz Raymond

    Pistachio Gelato !!!

  • Jvcamm

    I am sure that Foxconn’s workers assembling iPads and iPhones enjoy the same quality of life and are as happy as a clam…

  • facebook-602274890

    that’s doubtful but then, foxconn workers don’t work for Apple, they work for Foxconn.  In other news, oranges aren’t really comparable to apples.  Oh look ~ a free pun.  Herp Derp Herp Derp Derp Derp

  • MC

    missed! the! point!
    derp yo-self fool

  • vesko_kateliev

    You are on an internet site dedicated to covering All things Apple. If you’d care to notice the article is not about the food served in the Apple campus, but about an article written from a respectable media in its Life&Style/Food section revealing culinary secrets about the Cafes on the Apple campus concerning the food professionals and hobbyists. “Cult of Mac” are just doing their job covering the posted article hence it is concerning in some way Apple. I should say some of the other titles on this respectable media’s life&style/food section are even creepier like “WATCH: Anderson Cooper tries spinach and coffee for the first time.” :) … 

  • Johnny

    I am not trying to advertise a company but if you guys live in florida you must try 4D Gelato. It’s amazing. And it looks awesome.
    Talking about Apple’s way of treating employees… Well if they have their mouths stuffed with food they can’t reveal secrets. And no more losing iphones in bars in SF. If they get drunk they lose the phones at home.

  • Bluelou65

    so apple should serve catered lunches daily to all of companies it outsources services to?  why do people speak of Foxconn as if its a subsidiary of Apple when they manufacture products for a great many other technology company.  haters gon hate.

  • Cold_dead_fingers

    What an ignorant thing to say; name all the businesses that treat all of their employees like this. If you think a lot of businesses to this, you’re fucking crazy.

  • Cold_dead_fingers


  • MacGoo

    To be quite blunt, most americans won’t know the difference between good gelato and bad gelato – they’re used to ice cream, and gelato of any sort typically beats that hands down. And the fact that Apple chooses to serve that many gelato AND sorbetto options (see first image above) just further illustrates Alex’s point: Apple does it right.

  • MacGoo

    Don’t feed the trolls please, just roll up your window and drive on.

  • MacGoo

    I missed it too I guess – could you be more clear so we can more specifically refute your argument?

  • Alex

    Ok, I can see your foaming at the mouth …. Let me rephrase that leading tech companies … And quite a few others that have a highly skilled workforce  that could easily get a high paying job elsewhere… ie. people like me. 

  • harmo tend

    Beer bash is so much fun, wasn’t a band when I went, though plenty of free food, beer and wine.