Anti-Bullying App Filters Out Haters


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A new app aims to help teen bullying victims by allowing parents to filter out profanity, vulgar or threatening language and telegraphic nastiness sent to their kids via text message.

Currently available for Android smartphones and coming soon to the iPhone, Word Bully can filter out 3,600 words, acronyms, “bulli-cons” and hate phrases.

Devised for parents or guardians, you can also create custom lists of words to monitor – so none of those person-specific nicknames teens are so good at inventing or up-to-the-second nasty texting lingo gets to your kid’s phone, either.

The app also has a monitoring feature which will tell you where your kid is and allows you to whitelist and blacklist numbers.

It’s a timely release. Bullying has always been around, but if you doubt how nasty it can get now, just today the parents of 14-year-old suicide victim Jamey Rodemeyer (a teen contributor to the “It Gets Better Project”) allege teens chanted ‘We’re glad you’re dead’ at a dance following his wake.

“We feel this is an important development in child and teen safety will give parents more comfort and peace of mind,” says Wayne Irving II, CEO and co-founder of developers Iconosys, a member of the National Organization for Youth Safety (NOYS).

The Android version is available gratis here (until October 15) or you can buy it for $9.99 at the Android Market. The iPhone version is expected to launch by Christmas.

  • imajoebob

    Sure, they block 92% of my messages and I’M the bully??

    On a more serious tone, is the “epidemic” of bullying because we give the bullies so much attention (that doesn’t feed their dominance Jones, does it?), because kids no longer play outside  or in groups larger than 3 (bullies are quickly ostracised by a group). or because parents are so out of touch they think that all this new technology should be able to do for them most of the stuff their parents had to do themselves?  

  • prof_peabody

    I am strongly anti-bullying, but this seems lame to me. It’s just censoring out the dirty words.  That won’t help anything at all.  Bullying is not the same as swearing.  Swearing is good for you. 

  • erickkincaid

    I say bullying is faced by every person at some point in life. Those who deny are lying. For parents worried about their kids being bullied must install StealthGenie mobile spy software in their smartphones to look into the matter and know about the people who are trying to bully your kids.

  • Spicyx123

    Actually, there are a lot of other features to this app.  Not only are you censoring out “dirty words” you can also add a custom list of phrases based on your culture that the parent might see as insulting as well.  There’s more! If you suspect an actual person who may be bullying your child, you can have the exact copies of the text message, phone number, and time the text messages were sent. Instant! Or if you want, you can add phone numbers and have your child not receive text messages from that person at all, or maybe just not receive only text messages with the curse words.  It’s completely custom-able.

    Also, it also has a feature where you can add a secret code onto your child’s phone. When you text the secret code to your child’s phone, it sends you back the exact physical address of your child’s location with a map.

    It’s totally worth it.  Comes in handy when I want to make sure my kid got home in time.  I even made a joke with my husband that I would put this app on his phone too. hahaha

  • CyberMom

    I completely agree. But I think this technology also comes in handy with those of us that try to stay in touch with our kids, but kids don’t want to open up about it because they feel threatened for some reason.  If I suspect my kid is being bullied, I would definitely want to know who it is and what they are telling my child.  It’s up to the parent how they would handle the situation.