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50 million Android users crave that sweet iOS look


50 million Android users crave that sweet iOS look
"Is that the new iPhone?" "Not exactly..."
Image: Samsung/LuuTinh Developer/Cult of Mac

An app to make Androids copy the look of iPhone running iOS is widely popular. So many people wish their Android was an iPhone that Launcher iOS 16 has been downloaded over 50 million times from Google Play. And a rival app has just as many.

That sure is a lot of jealous Android users.

Microsoft Defender antivirus is expanding its reach … to iPhone?


Microsoft Defender
But why?
Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft Defender, the built-in antivirus software that you would typically find baked into Windows, is coming to iPhone.

Defender has already started making its way to macOS, where it provides full virus protection and the ability to scan your system for any malicious software. We’re expecting a very different experience on iPhone, however.

Master new languages with this truly conversational app [Deals]


The Mondly language app uses speech recognition and other advanced tools to enhance the learning experience.
This language app uses speech recognition and other advanced tools to enhance the learning experience.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

When you set out to learn a new language in 2019, the first approach that comes to mind probably involves an app. And apps are useful, no doubt, but most can only take you so far. To really learn a language, you need the feedback of someone who can correct your pronunciation.

When  a native speaker isn’t available, Mondly uses advanced technology to make up the difference — in 33 different languages!

The ‘best’ podcast listening app just got better


Pocket Casts
Pocket Casts gets a big user experience update.
Photo: Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts, the paid app with more than half a million podcasts, is retooling its listening experience. An update to the popular app adds Siri Shortcuts support, improved search and discovery features, and a browse-and-play option without having to subscribe to a show.

Netflix Smart Downloads manages TV shows for you


Netflix iPhone
Want to watch the next episode of your favorite show on the subway? Netflix Smart Downloads makes it easy by automatically replacing each watched episode with the next one.
Photo: Netflix

A new feature in the Netflix app will automatically download episodes of your favorite shows. This means they’re waiting on your phone or tablet when you’re ready.

Netflix already allows users to download episodes to watch later. The improvement announced today just makes it easier.

Manage projects of any size with Project Planning Pro for Mac


Project Planning Pro
Project Planning Pro is a great tool for keeping your projects on track.
Photo: i2e Consulting

This post is brought to you by i2e Consulting.

Keeping any project on track is like cooking a meal, requiring close attention to all the ingredients as well as the sequence and timing of critical tasks. In the kitchen you use a cookbook; in the digital workplace, you face a dizzying array of platforms and software for keeping all the goals, team members, deadlines and contingencies in order.

Project Planning Pro streamlines all that, and right now Cult of Mac is offering a special 30 percent discount on the Mac version of the easy-to-use software.

Get 5 years of unlimited cloud backup for less than a dollar a month [Deals]


It's time to take control of your backups.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Losing or breaking a phone can be seriously upsetting, especially when it means losing all the stuff you forgot to back up. G-Cloud’s app for iOS and Android makes it easy to back up all your devices’ files on Amazon’s super-secure AWS Cloud under a single account. This is easy and reliable cloud storage, with unlimited space for five years, and you can get it now for $29 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Free app Veer takes the hassle out of reaching your contacts


Veer is a free app that streamlines the way we interact with our contacts.
Quick-launch app Veer expands on iOS 9's Siri suggestions, putting your contacts and actions closer than ever.
Photo: Code Atlas

This post is brought to you by Code Atlas, maker of Veer.

Sometimes great innovations are really just refinements of something few would have thought of trying to improve. If you think Apple’s already figured out the best way of reaching out to your contacts in iOS 9, Veer will make you reconsider. It’s a novel new iOS app and Notification Center widget that blends seamlessly into your iPhone’s normal operations, simplifying and streamlining how we use the device to reach people.

The secret messaging app getting millions of downloads


SOMA Messenger is gaining popularity around the world for free and secure communication.
SOMA Messenger is gaining popularity around the world for free and secure communication.
Photo: Instanza Inc.

Harvard classmates Lei Guo and Oliver Hayen created what could have been just another messaging app. They knew they had something unique, as every app development team claims, so they put it in the hands of 2,000 people and hit launch.

Within 30 days, their app SOMA Messenger had 10 million users and has been growing since. They’d love to brag about who is using it, except they can’t because of security measures built into the app that prevents even them from knowing SOMA’s users.

The sun sets on Sunrise as Microsoft combines app with Outlook


Microsoft has a new outlook on its email and calendar app.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac
Microsoft has a new outlook on its email and calendar app. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android

Microsoft is merging two of its most popular mobile apps into one: Outlook email and Sunrise calendar. Outlook has always been a favorite among email users while Sunrise rose to fame for being both free and feature-packed. Combined as one, Microsoft is hoping the move enables users to more seamlessly glide between emailing and calendar tasks.

The result isn’t really a huge departure from what Microsoft currently offers in Outlook, since Outlook already has your calendars built in. Instead, it’s more about refining navigation within the app while additionally bringing in some features from Sunrise.

The biggest change is that the sun is setting on Sunrise. After Microsoft bought the calendar app just this year, the company is already pulling the plug on it.