Macy’s Will Now Sell You An iPad From A Vending Machine [Video]



It seems that Apple’s iOS devices have become so popular that one department store has installed vending machines to sell them. Macy’s now has machines — just like those that sell you snacks — full of iPod nanos, iPod touches, and iPads.

According to Ben Popken of The Consumerist, Macy’s now has a number of the machines in its various stores, all of which dispense Apple gadgets.

However, unlike traditional vending machines, these ones won’t drop your purchase into a tray at the bottom. (Thankfully!) Instead, they are passed through a collection panel located on the side of the machine.


Did you buy your iPad from a vending machine?

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33 responses to “Macy’s Will Now Sell You An iPad From A Vending Machine [Video]”

  1. No Name says:

    Do they run Windows on that machine or is that just “notify.wav” stolen from it?

  2. Markypina says:

    they’ve been had that since years ago!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ehutchins says:

    I have to agree. Seen these at airports selling iPods and other Apple products for years. Laughed the first time I saw it.

  4. kriswm says:

    as far as chicago is concerned, those machines are not new. they’ve been there for a couple of years now. the ipad might be a new addition, but they’ve sold iphones, ipods, DS, and various other electronics from those machines for a while now.

  5. Adam Sowers says:

    Macy’s has been selling iPods this way since at least late 2006…

  6. Mark says:

    Been around for quite some time in NorCal too.

  7. Nate Moss-Penman says:

    Eww… Windows. how ironic however.

  8. Scott Rife says:

    yeah this isn’t new, these have been out for months…

  9. Stephen Chappell says:

    Yeah, hate to pop your happy bubble, but Macy’s in San Francisco has had an Apple vending machine in its men’s store for at least two years – mainly selling iPods and iPod/iPhone accessories. One block away from the Apple Store!  :)

  10. Chris says:

    I just don’t want that robot arm to get stuck!

  11. Ryan Wien says:

    Yeah, the one in Danbury, CT mall has had one for at least 2 years… with an Apple Store in the same mall!

  12. Ryan says:

    My local Macy’s has had one of these since at least ’07. The funniest part is the Apple Store is only a few hundred feet away.

  13. JoViKe says:

    You have to locate the slot? ;) It’s better English if you just say the collection panel is on the side of the machine.

  14. Cyberati says:

    My local New York Macy’s has done this for years. Nothing new here. Old news. Next thing, you’ll tell me that iPhones come iPhone 4s come in white.

  15. Jack McClauren says:

    Are we traveling back in time or something?

  16. octamm says:

    Hahahaha yeah not only on Macy’s but also Best-Buy has vending machines all around the US full of iPods and accessories for years now

  17. GH says:

    Now?  I first saw one in the Macy’s near my house over a year ago, maybe two.

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