Macy’s Will Now Sell You An iPad From A Vending Machine [Video]



It seems that Apple’s iOS devices have become so popular that one department store has installed vending machines to sell them. Macy’s now has machines — just like those that sell you snacks — full of iPod nanos, iPod touches, and iPads.

According to Ben Popken of The Consumerist, Macy’s now has a number of the machines in its various stores, all of which dispense Apple gadgets.

However, unlike traditional vending machines, these ones won’t drop your purchase into a tray at the bottom. (Thankfully!) Instead, they are passed through a collection panel located on the side of the machine.


Did you buy your iPad from a vending machine?

[via Razorian Fly]

  • No Name

    Do they run Windows on that machine or is that just “notify.wav” stolen from it?

  • Markypina

    they’ve been had that since years ago!!!!!!!!!

  • Ehutchins

    I have to agree. Seen these at airports selling iPods and other Apple products for years. Laughed the first time I saw it.

  • kriswm

    as far as chicago is concerned, those machines are not new. they’ve been there for a couple of years now. the ipad might be a new addition, but they’ve sold iphones, ipods, DS, and various other electronics from those machines for a while now.

  • Adam Sowers

    Macy’s has been selling iPods this way since at least late 2006…

  • Mark

    Been around for quite some time in NorCal too.

  • Nate Moss-Penman

    Eww… Windows. how ironic however.

  • Scott Rife

    yeah this isn’t new, these have been out for months…

  • Stephen Chappell

    Yeah, hate to pop your happy bubble, but Macy’s in San Francisco has had an Apple vending machine in its men’s store for at least two years – mainly selling iPods and iPod/iPhone accessories. One block away from the Apple Store!  :)

  • Chris

    I just don’t want that robot arm to get stuck!

  • Ryan Wien

    Yeah, the one in Danbury, CT mall has had one for at least 2 years… with an Apple Store in the same mall!

  • Ryan

    My local Macy’s has had one of these since at least ’07. The funniest part is the Apple Store is only a few hundred feet away.

  • JoViKe

    You have to locate the slot? ;) It’s better English if you just say the collection panel is on the side of the machine.

  • Cyberati

    My local New York Macy’s has done this for years. Nothing new here. Old news. Next thing, you’ll tell me that iPhones come iPhone 4s come in white.

  • Jack McClauren

    Are we traveling back in time or something?

  • octamm

    Hahahaha yeah not only on Macy’s but also Best-Buy has vending machines all around the US full of iPods and accessories for years now

  • GH

    Now?  I first saw one in the Macy’s near my house over a year ago, maybe two.