Not Everyone in Cupertino Wants Apple’s Spaceship to Land



Apple’s plans to build a ‘spaceship’ campus in Cupertino have had us all in awe over its magnificent design which will take up a whopping 3.1 million square-feet of land. However, not everyone in Cupertino is looking forward to ‘Apple Campus 2’.

The video above from KTVU News, shot last night while the Apple Campus 2 Environmental Impact meeting went ahead in Cupertino, reveals some Cupertino residents have their concerns.

While some seemed very positive about Apple’s new camp, most voiced their concerns over the traffic problems and environmental impact the building is going to have. Patrick Robbins, who lives nearby in Santa Clara, said:

“It’s beautiful, but it’s not going to come without an impact.”

Also, what’s very interesting is that despite previous reports, Gilbert Wong, Cupertino’s mayor, says this is definitely not a “done deal” at this point:

“Is it a done deal? It’s definitely not a done deal. We have to go through a public process.”

[via 9to5 Mac]

  • TheMacAdvocate

    “Is it a done deal? It’s definitely not a done deal. We have to go through a public process.”

    /pats mayor on head

    Isn’t he cute, folks?

  • AlecTheFirst

    “Apple Campus 2”? It’s seriously not labeled the iCampus?

  • MarioWario

    I think they should build the campus in Berlin (Germany) – the hackers worldwide capitol ;-)

  • Elsic1975a

    Have these people seen the before and after pics? It’s a slab of concrete now, and it’s going to have tons of trees when it’s complete. Apple will also expand its employee transportation system to relieve some of the traffic impact. What more do you need in an environmental study?

    Apple’s answer should be very simple: Either we break ground tomorrow, or we pull our entire company out of the Cupertino area over the next several years. Let’s see how your community does without the tax base.

  • JRD

    and Apple are hackers? No.

  • Shanny Becerra


  • MacRat

    Keep in mind that Apple employees are already working in the existing buildings on this land.

    It’s not an empty block of land.

    The community has already been watching Apple employees going to work there and not even noticing.

    This is a local news hype piece with the reporters leading people into the type of answer they want for the news fluff that night.

  • Peter

    Didn’t you people, like, believe in democracy or something, or is commerce the only value system in town? They could probably build it in Russia – they don’t really have much respect for the rule of law there. Somalia has no government at all. Perfect!