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Awesome Recollections of Steve Jobs, By His Neighbor


Steve Jobs' house in Palo Alto. Image courtesy of MacMagazine:

Writer Lisen Stromberg lives in Palo Alto, just down the street from Steve Jobs. She has an awesome and touching post about Jobs as a neighbor who waves and says hello.

I first met Steve (does anyone call him Mr. Jobs anymore?) years ago at a backyard pool party. I was so flummoxed by the off chance I was breathing in his DNA, I could barely say a word. I am sure I made a winning first impression as I stumbled over my own name when we were introduced.

I watched as he swam in the pool with his son. He seemed like a regular guy, a good dad having fun with his kids.

Stromberg and Jobs’s kids went to the same school together, and she recalls one Halloween when he dressed like Frankenstein. Her piece concludes:

While Newsweek and the Wall Street Journal and CNET continue to drone on about the impact of the Steve Jobs era, I won’t be pondering the MacBook Air I write on or the iPhone I talk on. I will think of the day I saw him at his son’s high school graduation. There Steve stood, tears streaming down his cheeks, his smile wide and proud, as his son received his diploma and walked on into his own bright future leaving behind a good man and a good father who can be sure of the rightness of this, perhaps his most important legacy of all.

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