Like Steve Jobs, Apple CEO Tim Cook Also Responds to His Email



Multiple reports of Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook responding to customer emails have surfaced recently. If you recall, Steve Jobs was known for occasionally emailing back and forth with Apple fans and customers from his public address.

It looks like Tim Cook is picking up the mantle and doing the same.

Originally reported by iDownloadBlog, multiple sites are now claiming that readers have received responses from Tim Cook himself. Unfortunately, these responses from the Apple CEO seem to be rather canned.

That isn’t totally the case, however, with one MacRumors reader showing a response that mentioned the university that Cook attended. Tim Cook attended Auburn University, and he sent the reader (who also attended Auburn) a response with the university’s famous battle cry.

A commenter on iDownloadBlog claims that Cook responded to an email in which the reader said he was overseas in the military. Cook thanked him for his service.

Send Tim Cook an email to You never know what you might get back in a reply!

  • A.S.

    I emailed him this morning & got a response within 5 min ! Very cool !!

  • Veyron Eminem

    so wat did he replied ?? 

  • baby_Twitty

    This is nothing. Last week, i spent over 10 mins with him via FaceTime!
    You guys should try it too.

  • oliver warders

    I sent him a product idea. I am surely hoping he responds.

  • Sandeep

    To whom it may concern

    I am trying my best to reach Apple’s CEO Tim Cook with my plight regarding a Mac Book Air – 11-inch, mid 2013, (CASE ID: 537547677) which has been giving severe trouble ever since I purchased it from an Apple authorized outlet here in New Delhi, India.

    I had bought the machine sometime on mid July 2013 with a configuration of 256 gb SSD, 4 gb RAM, i5 and 1.3GHz. Less than four months the system started giving problems and one day on November 2013 while I was uploading a video clip in facebook, all of a sudden the screen started flickering abnormally and since then the system never woke up.

    I had paid Rs 81,900/- and including accessories and software, the total value of the machine currently stands at close to 96,000/-. Infact, had mobilised all my savings to buy this wonder machine!

    I was at that time at Guwahati with regard to work as it was peak season considering Christmas and New Year and lots of projects were in the system. Immediately I called up Apple’s India contact centre at Bangalore. I followed some of the drills as directed by the contact centre executive and then was advised to take the machine to Apple’s authorized Guwahati service centre – M/s F1 Info Solution & Services Pvt Ltd.

    After examining my machine, F1 engineer said that one of the vital parts required replacement and that it would be done within a week since the spare part would be couriered from Bangalore. After a week I visited F1 but to my dismay, the engineer disclosed that the system does not seem to be working as now the Logic board too needed replacement.

    Waiting for close to a month the machine came back to life but regretfully all my vital documents, video clips and photographs got deleted including several software missing. I was completely shattered as all vital hard work for my clients vanished from the machine, thereby, affecting me financial loss worth lakhs of rupee as well as clients. (I work on my own for niche clients by creating short customized video messages clips, theme-based photographs and strategies in business communication as well as media relations)

    I returned back to New Delhi on December 2013 but could hardly use my MacBook Air as all data and software disappeared. However, I tried using the machine but could not do it with the confidence as in the past. I noticed again that the system was not as smooth as before and had to call up several times Apple’s contact centre for help which was simply not to the mark.

    Everytime the machine started developing new problems and had to be taken to Apple’s Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi service centre – M/s Mac Clinic Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Had taken to the service centre on February, April and May 2014 but was not fully satisfied.

    On 17 July 2014 the machine appeared to become extremely slow. The internal fan kept on rotating constantly even when no power-work application was used, the battery started discharging abnormally while the RAM from 2.97 gb would come down to a mere 400 mb in minutes making it impossible to work.

    I had called up Apple’s contact centre who had again advised to take the machine to its service centre at M/s Mac Clinic Media, New Delhi.

    On 24th July 2014 I had taken the machine to the service centre and after a diagnosis it has been revealed that again the logic board requires replacement. It would now be a third attempt to replace a vital component that has been barely used ever since it was purchased.

    Currently my machine is at the service centre and the following case is registered with Apple’s contact centre which will give you a clear picture: CASE ID: 537547677. The present scenario seems to be again affecting me financially as I am unable to do work for my clients.

    Under the above mentioned circumstances, certain logical questions come up to my mind:

    1. Does Apple value its Indian customers and clients or are they simply interested in selling their products in the Indian market

    2. The ordeal that I have been going through after being saddled with a manufactured defective MacBook Air, does it not merit for a replacement of the entire machine with a new performing one?

    3. Does Apple have a differential treatment when it comes to India including other Asian countries? Obviously, if a similar case was registered in Europe or America, Apple would have immediately recalled such defective machine and replaced by a fresh piece besides, adequately compensating the victim for being financially impacted.

    4. Despite the agony and trauma I am going from day one, Apple in India appears to ignore all such sentiments and rather tries to up sell its products such as, forcing one to buy the Protection Plan which is difficult for me to procure currently.

    Finally, I am sure if Steve Jobs was alive, he would have never liked to see a customer saddened anywhere in the world by a defective machine supplied to him by a global blue chip company like Apple! Instead he would have called for a complete replacement of the machine rather than the ongoing changing of vital components frequently.

    I earnestly look for an appropriate settlement on this stalemate at the earliest. Please help!

    Yours Sincerely,