HTC Countersues Apple, Adding Macs to the Patent-Infringement Claims



Android phone maker HTC has sued Apple, charging the tech giant’s devices infringe three patents. The move follows Apple’s own lawsuits against the Taiwanese manufacturer and as Google turns from partner to potential competitor.

HTC’s lawsuit claims Apple’s iPad, iPhone, iPod and Mac infringe upon patents the Android company acquired in 2008 and 2010, Reuters reported Tuesday. Last month, the United States International Trade Commission ruled in Apple’s favor against HTC, prompting concerns of an open season against all Android players.

The lawsuit by HTC comes one day after Google announced the $12.5 billion acquisition of handset maker Motorola. In 2010, Google and HTC partnered to produce the Nexus, which met with underwhelming success. As part of the purchase, Google also gained ownership of thousands of patents held by Motorola. Monday’s acquisition could turn Google from HTC’s partner to a rival.

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  • baby_Twitty

    HTC = Happy Trolling Company.

  • David Alexander Harrison

    Hypothetical infringements of HTC patents by iOS mobile devices I get; but what can they be claiming OS X desktop computers are impinging on?

  • kozjegyzo

    I knew this would happen. Will these lawsuits ever end? I don’t thinks so, those lawyers are already looking through German luxury car catalogs to see what their getting themselves for Xmas (and the wife and the kids) 

  • AnupR

    HTC is like common cold… easy to catch but have to wait it out to get rid of it…