Awesome Text Editor BBEdit Now Cheaper Than Ever



Somewhat overshadowed by the recent launch of Lion was Bare Bones Software’s release of version 10 of venerable text editor BBEdit.

The new release comes with loads of new features and refinements, but for me the most interesting thing about it was something that got taken away: most of the price.

The new BBEdit (also the first version to be available on the Mac App Store) is priced at $50, but if you buy it before October 20th it’s only $40. That’s a huge saving on the price of previous versions, which were in the region of $100.

There are many alternatives that are cheaper still, and many that are free, but when you buy BBEdit you get a lot of text editor for your money.

The new features in 10 include better project windows, a vastly improved preferences panel that makes specific options easier to find, better HTML editing tools and support for storing BBEdit’s application support files inside Dropbox, thereby making them easy to sync between all your Macs.

You can still grab a demo copy of BBEdit direct from Bare Bones if you want to try before buying. And you should, because this is a professional text tool. Your mom doesn’t need it and in all likelihood, neither do you unless handling text is part of your job. But if you do handle text for a living, you should consider it. The real news here is the low price: if you’re one of those people who has considered BBEdit before, but been put off by the price tag, now is the best time to grab a copy.

  • Al

    I had always dismissed BBEdit in the past simply because of its former high price. Can anyone tell me what advantages it has over TextMate?

    The only comparisons I can find are from 2006…

  • skoskie

    It’s not abandon-ware. That’s a pretty big advantage.

  • lals91
  • mahimahimahi

    I still haven’t spent the 100 dollar promotion card.  This is looking like a candidate.  

    Computer engineering major  <– deals with lots of text. LOTS OF TEXT! Too much text. 

  • Robert Williams

    I’ve always been curious about BBEdit, but TextWrangler has always gotten the job done for me, and it’s free.

  • Gary Wade

    One of the best features can be found in the About box.  Scroll down to the section labeled, unindicted co-conspirators to see it.

  • FlacVest

    Haha I’ve gotten a few applications with it but for some reason, I just feel like keeping it because (wow 20 bucks? That’s 1/5th of my free giftcared!). 

  • TylerIngram

    I used BBEdit back in my LCIII days. You have to pay for it now? Wasn’t free way back in the early nineties? lol