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Stay focused on writing with iA Writer [50 Essential iOS Apps #27]


iA Writer on iPad
iA Writer is perfect for bloggers and others writing on the go
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50 Essential iOS Apps: iA Writer appThere are dozens of ways to write on iOS. Apple’s own Notes app offers a simple writing platform, while Pages allows for elaborate documents – complete with pictures. While both are good for certain tasks, more serious writers typically want something a little different. iA Writer offers more while doing less, making it the perfect text editor app.

Change The Default Font Size In Notes App On Your Mac [OS X Tips]


Change Default Notes Font Size

Notes on Mac OS X is like Notes on iOS: a basic, skeuomorphic note taking app that lets you type notes, format text, and add images from either operating system, and have them sync up if you’re using iCloud. There’s nothing super tricky about the app on OS X, but the default font size might be a bit too small for you.

If you want to change the size of the text that appears when you just start typing in Notes, here’s what to do.

FioWriter Text Editor For iOS Is Great On iPad, Not So Much On iPhone [Review]


Wait, what's that round the back there?
Wait, what's that round the back there?

FioWriter is a text editor for iOS, outwardly similar to many that have gone before it, but with a style all of its own. One important difference is that it provides keyboard shortcuts of the sort you’re familiar with on your desktop computer. Their usefulness, however, depends on the device you’re typing on.

Nuggit: The Simple, Flexible, And Powerful Text Editor [Deals]


CoM - Nuggit

When you’re coding or writing text, you want the app you’re using to get out of the way so that you can get things done rather than impede your progress. In many cases, less is more when it comes to text editing software, and our latest Cult of Mac Deals offer is for Nuggit, an app that has done away with any of the features that aren’t all that necessary so that you can be more efficient.

And this deal gets you Nuggit for only $5!