OS X Lion Server Lets You Manage the Settings on Multiple iDevices


server ios profiles

OS X Lion Server hasn’t gotten much attention since its release alongside the standard version of Lion, but users will be happy to know that you can actually manage your iOS device’s settings straight from OS X Lion Server.

The main purpose of such a feature seems to be geared more towards system admins and those dealing with multiple iDevices that require similar setting configurations.

“To manage iOS, Lion Server administrators can use the new Profile Manager to create XML files called Profiles – these profiles can then be downloaded by users, or pushed out to users devices by administrators to manage email settings, password requirements, network settings, and even remotely lock and wipe devices in the event of theft.”

AnandTech discovered this nice feature, and the site speculates that this is just an indication of how Apple plans to merge iOS and OS X together.

While we’re definitely at least five years away from iOS and OS X totally merging, there seems to be no doubt that Apple will eventually dissolve its desktop operating system into iOS.

[via iClarified]