Justin Bieber Tweets To 11 Million Fans From His Jailbroken iPhone



Hey there, true Beliebers! You know who jailbreaks? No less a personage than Mr. Justin Bieber, that chart-topping iTunes artist!

First spotted by iDownloadBlog, it seems that the Belieb isn’t above a little JailbreakMe action.

The gloss-lipped, helmet-haired muppet with the voice of the most siren of castrati uses a jailbreak Twitter extension called qTweeter to Tweet to his 11 million followers.

Not only is he a dreamy artist and a philosopher of our times, he’s also a rebel! Swoooooooon. If only his music wasn’t barf, but hey, he’s only, like, four years old… plenty of time for his art to become as sophisticated as his Cydia hacks.

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  • jfontech

    Woah, you finished him. +1

  • bav14

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  • bav14

    I found this new apple blog and it great!

  • djgrahamj

    Slow news day huh?

  • francois swanepoel

    justin needs to get out of the closet already…….. little queen!

  • Tim Buckley

    Wow.  Just wow.  I am by no means a fan of Justin Bieber’s music (or celebrity) but the level of contempt you show for a young boy who is still an underage teen seems to be a bit harsh…and just wrong.  How is this any different from what we try to show people with Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” project?   

  • Enoch Cincotta

    he still makes more money than you. 

  • Kurt

    What is qTweeter?

  • DrM47145

    Yep, definitively a slow news Friday…

    But since we’re all sour today, somebody should explain this beardless kid he still needs a couple of years to look like a man. As of today, he just looks too hermaphrodite.

  • Chris Whittaker

    Good lad John, you tell ’em.

  • jayjaytee

    Yawn. Excuse me for not caring.

  • djrobsd

    He may be a kid, but he has more money then 99.9% of the readers of this site will ever have in their lifetime, so obviously that kid did something right and deserves a little more respect then the so called “news writers” of this site… Enough of the opinions, please report the news.

  • Fred Maxwell

    Unless you’re secretly a tween girl, it’s just f*****g creepy for you to be speculating about what kind of sex Justin Bieber, a minor, might enjoy.

  • JEP

    He looks like a young boy to me.  But what do I know?  You are the expert.

  • pennstate

    I found this new apple blog and its great!

  • Noyz_PT

    Instead of talking like that about the kid (I don’t like his music too, but I don’t have anything against him), why didn’t you explain what is qTweeter? That’s why I come here, I don’t want to have to Google it.

  • DrM47145

    Never said what you apparently mean. Don’t know about you, but I can tell when somebody feels he/she is a sex symbol.

    Why do people tend to be so f*cking aggressive on blogs. It might be the bravery of being out of range…

  • linzheng1
  • Mike G

    sounds like a closet person yourself 

  • GooneyGooGoo

    Bieber has an iPhone….. SHOCKER!!!!!


  • AntonRodionov

    I had the exact same reaction as you. This post looks like it was ,in fact, written by a 12 year-old!

  • Christian Harris

    Nope, he just made songs brushing his teeth

  • dongche70
  • jikoy

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  • Zulvianes Budiman

    wow.. you’re a cold hearted ain’t you John Brownlee.. :)

    well at least he’s using iPhone. can’t imagine if Bieber’s using Android. lol

  • Bitter Witch

    LOL I loved the description of him.  “The celebrities are disposable.  The gossip is priceless.”

  • mai duc chung

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