Justin Bieber Tweets To 11 Million Fans From His Jailbroken iPhone



Hey there, true Beliebers! You know who jailbreaks? No less a personage than Mr. Justin Bieber, that chart-topping iTunes artist!

First spotted by iDownloadBlog, it seems that the Belieb isn’t above a little JailbreakMe action.

The gloss-lipped, helmet-haired muppet with the voice of the most siren of castrati uses a jailbreak Twitter extension called qTweeter to Tweet to his 11 million followers.

Not only is he a dreamy artist and a philosopher of our times, he’s also a rebel! Swoooooooon. If only his music wasn’t barf, but hey, he’s only, like, four years old… plenty of time for his art to become as sophisticated as his Cydia hacks.