Check Out This Awesome Steve Jobs Easter Egg Apple Sneaked Into OS X Lion!


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Reader Pascal Beausoleil pointed us to a cool (and, we think, new) easter egg in OS X Lion.

If you go to System Preferences > Users you can change your OS X default user icon to a vinyl record… but what are the track titles on that record? If you like Steve Jobs’ keynotes and his unique, shouted catchphrases, you’ll absolutely love this…

Yup, the track titles on the record label are all Steve-isms: “Magic”, “Revolution”, “Boom!” and “Unbelievable.” Now that sounds like an album I’d like to listen to.

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20 responses to “Check Out This Awesome Steve Jobs Easter Egg Apple Sneaked Into OS X Lion!”

  1. Ron Melkhior says:

    Cool !

  2. Barry Ward says:


  3. Michael Spurlock says:

    I would love to find a high-res version of this.  Notice that there are actually 4 tracks physically represented on the album?  I wonder…

  4. Friends of Mac says:

    They forgot to add, “Blu-Ray is a bag of hurt”. lol


  5. Andres Avila says:

    I guess “Phenomenal” is on the B-Side…

  6. appledrunk says:

    Very cool easter egg.

  7. Genyus says:

    And one more thing…

  8. djrobsd says:

    Y A W N

  9. djrobsd says:

    They forgot to add “we are greedy so we don’t want to pay a licensing fee to sony for every mac we sell” track. :)-

  10. Phos.... FourDots says:

    It’d be pretty easy to recreate the LP image with virtually photographic realism. Secondly, I’m not sure what what you’re trying to imply with the second part of your post. 4 separate tracks of grooves on the vinyl = 4 track titles listed on the label. What’s so mysterious?

  11. Connor O'Neill says:

    It’s magical.

  12. Connor O'Neill says:

    Why should they? Because Sony is greedy? Plus, Apple have an ecosystem that promotes downloading content, rather than buying a physical copy, why lose money going against that?

  13. Timothy Williamson says:

    He’s implying that it would be interesting to see what audio actually lies on that record.

  14. Felichiomo says:

    what do the last two say?

  15. Akula971 says:

    Easy pleased. Yawn too

  16. lesmanalim says:

    That’s a record? From the thumbnail, I assumed it was HAL.

  17. Zulvianes Budiman says:

    i’d say this is coolll…

  18. Michael Spurlock says:

    Exactly.  There is an open source project (don’t remember the name right now) that was able to take a visual scanned image of a record and play it.  Would be cool if the icon actually had audio in it as a visual representation of the audio just like a record.  Yes geeky, but would anyone put it past Apple to do such thing?

  19. digitizedsociety says:

    whats a record?

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