Could iWork ’12 Be A Final Cut Pro X Style Reboot?



A new job application on Apple’s site has put out the call for a new Senior User Interface Designer to rework the iWork suite on both Mac and iOS devices.

Not only does the timing of the ad combined with recent updates seem to imply that Apple may not update iWork until next year, but we have to wonder if it also might suggest that Cupertino is planning a Final Cut Pro X style reboot of the popular office suite.

The last version of iWork came out in 2009, but iWork ’09 is clearly not going anywhere fast: Apple just updated it, in fact, to bring Lion-specific features like fullscreen and autosave to the apps.

To us, this suggests that iWork might not get a 2011 update this year, slipping the next version of iWork to 2012… a three year gap between versions that would be the longest period between iWork releases since the software suite was first released back in 2005.

That’s a long gap, and between the delay between releasesand the fact that Apple’s hiring people to help re-envision the iWork UI, we wonder if we’re about to see a complete ground-up overhaul of the software, similar to the forward-thinking redesign of Final Cut Pro X that Apple released (to much contention) last month.

We’re just putting it out there. Apple’s not afraid to reinvent their software occasionally to make it ready for the future, and a three year gap between iWork releases is so long by their historical release schedule that we feel like something big might be cooking. What do you think?

[via AppleBitch]

  • Sylwek_G

    Well, now it’s pretty hard to imagine that current iteration of iWork for Mac could effectively work together with iOS version – through iCloud. It’s hard to imagine, because those software aren’t really compatible. I wouldn’t be surprise, if in 2012 we will face updated iOS version with much extended functionality, and Mac version stripped down so that it could match it’s functionality properly.

  • Michael

    I really hope they do this. I used to use Numbers everyday for compiling lists of emails, but as my lists got bigger, the program got slower, and eventually it got to the point where I couldn’t even scroll without it crashing. 8,000 rows is really not a lot to handle, especially when all it’s got is 3 columns next to it with 2 formulas. I opened the file up in Excel on Parallels, and it was extremely fast. A ground-up redesign of the iWork suite would be amazing.

  • SbMobile

    This is to the writer of this article. Once again you have done NO research on your topic. iWork ’11 is currently sitting in the Mac App Store. Apple updated it when they opened the store in January. The just updated that release on Wednesday when Lion was released. All I notice is a lot of crazy speculation in the last few years that has exploded into full-blown “hit-whoring” for future headlines! This type of journalism is completely retarded & will only serve to quicken the demise of standardized media in the future.

  • clarktaylor41

    You are thinking of iLife, maybe.  You should do your research.  You can’t even buy iWork in the App Store, just Pages 09, Numbers 09 and Keynote 09.  Way to stick your foot in your mouth, SBMobile.

  • Brandon Dillon

    This is CULTofMac. If I want strickly facts, I’ll go somewhere else. I enjoy hearing about rumors and possibilities for future products and updates, and I’m sure others do too. Find a journalism site that works for you. This is a blog.

  • RodChristiansen

    Sorry, but you’re wrong. The version in the Mac App Store is iWork 09. Apple is just not adding the number there, probably because of the long gap between updates. It got Lion’s amazing auto save, resume and versions but it’s still January 2009 apps with the just as old beta.

  • Callum Kerr

    To be honest, I think iWork is really behind Office 2011 for Mac in terms of it’s features and UI. I would like to be able to use iWork, but it’s just not powerful enough for me.

    If it’s in for a “FPX Style” reboot, then I’ll look forward to seeing what Apple come up with.

  • Piotr Wieladek

    I would rather separate complete overhaul of a product and FCX release. First thought about FCXlike reboot would be for example “Microsoft Word document export available as plug-in of third party (499$).” Overhaul doesn’t need such comrade…

  • truebluefliplover

    I was hoping that they would update Pages this year to make it better.  What I want to see though is a Database on par with Microsoft Access added to iWork.  

  • TheBasicMind

    Leaping from a job ad to a conclusion there will be no iWork for another year simply preposterous. The fact there was a recent update has perhaps a little more rationale to it. Though the recent update was a minor addition for cloud document storage and a full screen mode required only minor UI tweeks, Auto save, which is more a Lion supplied feature than an app feature, and little else and was very much required to show off the new Lion way. Do you really think Apple are going to leave Google to have a clear run for another year without responding to Google’s steadily improving online office suite?

  • TheBasicMind

    Actually SB Mobile, was right. IWork ’11 was in the AppStore for about 2 hours when the AppStore launched. Or at least graphics and references to it were. It was then removed. Tau wrote an article about it. Additionally beyond what Tau reported (which describes the reference as being in a right hand column panel), I saw a main page banner for iWork ’11 when the AppStore launched – it was only there for about 10 minutes before mysteriously disappearing (no it wasn’t iLife ’11 I saw). Clearly Apple had graphics produced but either made an error at launch and failed to swap out some of the graphics they were using during development, or pulled the real product at the last minute. I suspect the latter. I suspect it is heavily cloud dependent and they have been struggling to ensure it is integrated with the cloud and of sufficient quality (Jobs will have set the launch bar very high due to the Mobile Me debacle). Producing integrated networked apps is much much harder during the test phase of the project than most pure software teams are accustomed too and a delay of up to a year from the point at which the business thinks the service will be ready is ready is actually quite common (I know from long experience in the TV STB industry).

  • SbMobile

    See for yourself! Next time you talk about something that you clearly don’t understand or no about, maybe you should do your homework first. Google seems like it could probably save your life the way you’re so ignorant. Sheesh!!

  • SbMobile

    I’m not saying I disagree with you, but honestly this a perfect example of how in ’11, people don’t really know what they’re talking about & seem to get away with it on a regular basis! I’ve upgraded my iLife suite (iWork, Pages & Numbers) at least 3 times since I got it last year. If your not using it….don’t talk about it!

  • CharliK

    Two words for ya: Bento and Filemaker

  • CharliK

    some of the power in Office is owned by Microsoft and they refuse to license it. So iWork will never be totally as powerful. 

    As for this being a top to bottom rewrite to take advantage of 64bit etc, yes I think it will happen. It will also likely be MAS only. THe rest we shall have to wait and see

  • CharliK

    Nope it isn’t. That is iWork ’09. Perhaps you should have checked your facts before you yelled at someone else. 

    And out of curiosity, do you also call things ‘gay’ or is that offensive to you. Cause ‘retarded’ is just as bad. Not to mention being rather inaccurate. 

  • CharliK

    That is a shot of iLIFE not iWORK. 

  • CharliK

    iWork IS Pages, Numbers and Keynote. 

  • haolema2
  • Chris Mart

    What about Logic Pro X / Logic Studio? My logic pro 8 no longer works in Lion. I’m sure there will be a similar overhaul / elimination of the express version / lowered cost.. so the question remains.. to pitch over $200 to upgrade to logic 9, or wait for logic studio X??

  • MisterK

    You should probably read what clarktaylor41 wrote again. He said that you can only buy iWork’s ’09 applications in the Mac App store and he is right. He knows that iWork is Pages, Numbers, and Keynote and he was right to point out that iWork ’11 isn’t sitting in the App Store as it doesn’t exist. Also, SBMobile should calm down. I also agree that the author is jumping to conclusions, but SMB needn’t jump to his own conclusions about how it means “quickening the demise of standardised media”. I have a feeling his own articles would contain far more hyperbole and conclusions than what we’re seeing here. 

  • Chase Hausman

    You need to READ.  Right above iPhoto it says “iLife ’11”

  • Chase Hausman

    iLife is iMovie, iPhoto, and Garageband.  Thats it. 
    iWork is Pages, Keynote, and Numbers.

    And, you may have updated them, but they didn’t go from iLife ’11 to iLife ’12 (and apparently iLife ’13).

    If you need more help with that, is iLife ONLY.
    and is iWork ONLY.

  • Al

    SBMobile said: “I’ve upgraded my iLife suite (iWork, Pages & Numbers) at least 3 times since I got it last year.”


    Amesome. Just awesome.

  • Al

    I wish to nominate SBMobile’s post as funniest of the year. Anybody with me? As a prize we should buy him a copy of iWork 11… oh no he already bought that from the app store didn’t he. The screenshot proved it. LOL

  • Al

    I agree 100%. Without the rumours and speculation, being an Apple fan wouldn’t be half as much fun!

    If someone wants nothing but news, try Apple’s press releases page.

  • Cgs101

    why do they insist on changing things that work well ???

  • Abram Lloyd Siegel

    Really? Final Cut Pro X was a “forward-thinking redesign”? If they bring that kind of crappy “redesign” to iWork, I’ll be depressed.

  • CharliK

    “He knows that iWork is Pages, Numbers, and Keynote”

    His comment that you can’t get iWork but you can get the 3 apps suggests otherwise. 

    But he’s still one up over SMB since the latter doesn’t seem to know the difference between iLife and iWork. As proven by the screen shot he posted

  • Joseph Santarromana

    @SBMobile, you should stopped when you where behind now youre really behind!!! LOL

  • Ryan Villanueva

    I agree, I’m a heavy Numbers and Excel user and I was shocked to find out that Numbers has trouble with big files. I hope they somehow fix this performance issue on the next version or at least with an update. I always had that expectation that the iWorks suit would perform better because it is a native app by Apple but it does not seem always the case.

  • Michal svaty

    iLife is iMovie, iPhoto, Garageband, iDVD and iWeb

  • BzjPrO

    Cool :D

  • Drew

    Trolling Troll is Trolling

  • Drew

    Don’t feed the Trolls.

  • Will Hardy

    iWork ’11 != Pages ’09 + Numbers ’09 + Keynote ’09

    the years in the name are subtle, but important.

  • CharliK


  • TranquilRat

    SBMobile – I don’t even have a Mac, and even i know the difference between iLife & iWork!!!  This is a funny post.  I’m thinking of getting an iMac but am not sure if Mail & Pages will be a match for Outlook & Word.  SBMobile – i can picture you with a big throbbing vein on head about to explode.  relax, it’s OK – we believe that you believe that you have iWork ’11…

  • Mr. Fucker

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    P.S. the only thing that sucks is having to dump the cum tray.

  • dmcarefuldriver

    I can’t wait for a complete rewrite of iWork. I know it’s coming. I want all my documents in iCloud and I want a complete residign of iWork’s UI. No more inspector, put it all in the formatting bar. Better full screen support, and a new, more modern look for buttons and toolbars. I also want Lion gestures like pinch to zoom and swipe to flip through pages. I wonder how long I have to wait.

    In the mean time I am loving auto save and versions in Lion.

  • Sam

    Outlook & Word are available for Mac.