Persona Mail Client Makes Email Look Like A Social Network



I dunno. You want years for a new email client, then two come along almost together. First we had Sparrow, which has won an army of fans in recent months – and now we have another newcomer, Persona.

It’s still in prototype mode at the moment, which means there’s nothing to download just yet. But you can get a good idea of what it’s like from this short video.

To me, it makes email look like Facebook updates. Writing a message is all about the person and the message itself. Not about formatting, or even about email addresses. You send messages to icons of people, not to

There are three primary views: people, conversations, and attachments. The people view groups messages by who sent them, so you can easily see whether you have messages from your mom or your boss. Conversations groups stuff in threaded list, so you can follow a chat between two or people people. And finally attachments view actually shows you the attachments as thumbnails, like an image gallery.

Like the look of it? Think you might be tempted? It will be interesting to see and play around with the full app when it’s released. Best way to stay in touch is probably via the Twitter feed.

  • joewaylo

    I think it’s a great idea. It looks like an instant messenger client for emails. And has a pic with the bubble showing a message, versus an email threading.

    I’d use this in a heartbeat versus Mail if Persona was on iOS.

  • Cgs101

    ewwww! :) no thank you! last thing I want is social media invading my email !! isn’t it enough that facebook et al have killed the email??
    let’s turn facebook into email instead I say!!

  • martinberoiz

    looks promising.

  • facebook-100000536611305

    “You want years for a new email client,” ?????

    wait years?

  • jordanx5

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