Play Air Guitar on Your iPhone and Still Look Ridiculous With Air Guitar Move



You’re always strumming out guitar chords while prancing around your living room listening to Yanni right? Well, here’s your chance for a more interactive experience for your air guitar greatness. Air Guitar Move is a connector for your iPhone/iPod Touch that combines a guitar pick with motion sensor technology to turn your wild flailing into sweet sweet music.

Air Guitar Move is an iOS rhythm action game in a similar vein as Guitar Hero and Rock Band, except it’s specially designed to allow a more life-like experience than merely taping on a screen for notes. Air Guitar Move also comes with a second free play app that allows the user to experiment with different chords and styles to maximize creativity.

This Kickstarter project, headed by Ronald Mannak, just received enough funding to go into production and should be available in a couple months, but until then, I guess we’re all left to our own imaginations as we pretend to be able to shred better than Tom Morello.

For video of the product in action click here.

  • Chris Brunner

    Why do people with smart phones do such dumb things? lol


  • prof_peabody

    Yanni doesn’t play guitar though.  
    You should have picked a lame *guitar player* to make it funny. 

    Van Halen?

  • Brandon Dillon

    Man I hate that commercial lol

  • jordanx5

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