Here’s How To Type Guinness Record Fast on an iPad [Video]


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Yesterday, we reported on 15-year-old Eduard Saakashvili, who typed the entire English alphabet correctly on an iPad with one hand in just 5.26 seconds, setting a new Guinness World Record.

Brian Sweet made this video showing how he touch types the English alphabet on an iPad in about three seconds, albeit using a two-handed approach.

So how does he do it?

“Simply went for it. I have always typed extremely fast on any type of keyboard…”   As far as tips for the less dextrous typists working up speed, he says that “standing up helped a lot when doing the alphabet.”

Sweet, who also displays  crazy-swift texting skills on the iPhone 4, hasn’t contacted Guinness about his iPad prowess and isn’t looking to topple the current champ, preferring to enjoy his mad touch typing skills without the laurels.

  • gprado300


  • prof_peabody

    still not an actual typing test. but kind of cool.

  • Jordan Clay

    I think it is great Brian and Eduard can type fast on an iPad, but that doesn’t change one thing.  Nobody gives a crap about people that are along side the the dog who can roll down a window in a car the fastest.  

  • David Porter

    Although its cool he can type the alphabet quickly, all you need is a little practice memorizing the key layout on the iPad

  • Zach Crandell