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Comex Inches New JailbreakMe Site With iPad 2 Support Closer To Launch



Undoubtedly the most simple jailbreak solution to ever be available for the iPhone is the JailbreakMe online exploit from Comex. Apple quickly patched this hack shortly after its release, but Comex has updated the JailbreakMe page with a teaser its upcoming relaunch… reminding people that this was a jailbreak a LONG time in the making.

JailbreakMe was the first and only jailbreak solution for the iPhone that didn’t require a Mac or PC to do its work. Instead, users simply opened up their Safari web browser, visited, and began the process which took around a minute to complete.

Shortly after its release, however — and following a trend that saw Apple Store iPhones and iPod touches being jailbroken — Apple patched the iOS firmware and disabled the JailbreakMe exploit.

For some time Comex has been teasing the return of JailbreakMe, and today he finally updated the site… but it still doesn’t offer a new jailbreak solution. Instead, he has posted an image of some “git comments,” with a message over the top that reads “It’s been far too long.”

According to iPhone Dev-Team member iH8sn0w, these “git comments” refer to Comex’ GitHub webpage, and highlight how long he has been working on the new exploit — since August 2010. That’s 10 months of hard work on what will hopefully be another incredibly simple jailbreak for the iPhone.

The upcoming relaunch of JailbreakMe is expected to support every iOS device running iOS 4.3.3 and below — including the iPad 2.

This update is expected to mean that a new JailbreakMe solution is right around the corner — all we have to do now is wait. We’ll keep you updated with any further information on its release.