Steve Jobs: iWeb Is Dead, Long Live iCloud



If you’re still hosting on iWeb and worried about what yet another year without an update means especially after the announcement of iCloud, prepare to have your worst fears confirmed.

A MacRumors reader heavily invested in iWeb had this exchange with Apple CEO Steve Jobs over the weekend.

Q: Dear Mr. Jobs,

Will I need to find an alternative website builder and someone to host my sites?

I have invested a lot of time and effort and the thought of re-training sucks more than mobileme ever did.

A: Yep.
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Well, that seems to confirm it. iWeb is dead, Long Live the iCloud. You can’t say you didn’t see it coming, but it is sad none the less: I imagine that Apple’s obsolescence of iWeb will leave thousands of less technically savvy people without any clear way of building or hosting their websites. In the age of Tumblr blogs, Facebook photos albums and easily-built WordPress sites, that’s not as big of a deal as it once would have been, but even so… a lot of people are going to be left in the lurch here.
Are any of our readers still using iWeb? If so, how do you feel about this? For those of you have switched from iWeb previously, got any tips for the soon-to-be-dispossesed? Help the iWeb support group in our comments.

  • Alexander Golubets

    well that suck. i just started using iweb+mobile me and now i’am incredibly disappointed.
    i was hoping for some new services for creating a simple site and hosting it from icloud, but… 
    that just sucks… 

  • Alexander Golubets

    well that suck. i just started using iweb+mobile me and now i’am incredibly disappointed.
    i was hoping for some new services for creating a simple site and hosting it from icloud, but… 
    that just sucks… 

  • Alexander Golubets

    well that suck. i just started using iweb+mobile me and now i’am incredibly disappointed.
    i was hoping for some new services for creating a simple site and hosting it from icloud, but… 
    that just sucks… 

  • Petr

    what if, somewhere in the future, one would host his content from device alone. somehow :) ?

  • Scott Duval

    i had iweb but when i heard that they mobile me would be changing … i just let my account die out to see what was coming… i thought it was a good thing iweb that is… oh well…

  • Emmert

    Not tech savvy, knew a bit of HTML and really liked iWeb. I got my domain name from Go Daddy and they can host the website and it looks like they might have tools to design a website. Sigh, I will miss iWeb. I am looking forward to iCloud, just wish it could do to videos that I have downloaded from iTunes that it does for the music.

  • Eddlane

    I really rely on iWeb to quickly and easily build and maintain my websites, that really sucks.

  • Ictus75

    Ouch!!! I’ve been using iweb for 3 years now and hosting on mobile me. I really like the ease of iweb and being able to easily push changes to it on mobile me. I’m sure I can host it elsewhere, but now that iweb is dead, it won’t get updated, so I’ll eventually have to come up with some other program, or learn more html programming. 

  • Gixxerthou04

    Hey folks! Take a serious look at RAPID WEAVER made by the great team over at Real Mac Software. Or you can always use another template based system like Word Press. Not all is lost. Both platforms are very easy to use and template based and offer much more options that iWeb ever did.

    I liked iWeb and used it when it first came out but, I was very hesitant to use it as my soul web building software due to my experience in the past with Apple abandoning other  software in this fashion.

  • KW33

    I really did like iWeb and still use it today to put together quick sites.  I was hoping that they would continue to add functionality and features with that legendary Mac simplicity.  Oh, well…

    I really don’t understand why nobody else (are you listening RapidWeaver?) can put out a website design program that allows you to drag and drop and design in “preview mode”.  (RapidWeaver still makes you jump back and forth from the content page to the preview page.)   This is the 21st century people and we should have a WYSIWYG website design program for those of use that don’t want to get too technical but still want to design great looking and functioning sites.  Actually, we should be able to get technical but it should be simple by now.  This isn’t new stuff.  The web has been around for a long time now.  Can you imagine that if every time you wanted to write a letter you had to open a text editor and type your content then jump to “preview mode” to look at the fonts, sizes, spacing, etc.?  And then load add ons if you wanted to do something special like print or email it.  Everyone would think that was nuts.

    Maybe the problem is that website programmers are designing website production software (kinda like letting a mechanic design an electric car engine).  They think that their is only the backend, complicated, “you need to know some code at least” way to do these things and everyone else just needs to suck it up and learn the programming stuff.  Maybe I’m wrong…

    Oh well… the wait continues.  I have to get back to learning how this HTML 5 stuff works.

  • robgilgan

    It’s funny how companies like Apple are criticized when they move into a sector that isn’t their core business or add a feature or app that replaces an existing one from a smaller company. This is a good decision by Apple – there are so many alternatives out there (Rapidweaver, Squarespace, WordPress, SmugMug and the list goes on and on) that allow you to easily and inexpensively develop and maintain an excellent web presence. I never did much with iWeb, because it just didn’t stand out, and because I didn’t think it was a business model Apple would support long term.
    One of the reasons I chose SmugMug for my photos is that they charge for the service (I’m paying $60 per year) and I think it’s a sustainable business model. Free stuff is too easy to take away.

  • robgilgan

    See Squarespace

  • Greg_in_Dallas

    This is true.  I have been using an older version of iWeb to build several different sites.  As a non-professional web designer, this is a really cool tool although not perfect.  There are other WYSIWYG editors out there, but I thought that Apple would support iWeb and continue adding improvements.  I guess I will need to take a closer look at alternatives.

    FYI — I built my first webpage in 1995 using raw html tags.  I an’t going back to that crack.

  • robgilgan

    Maybe that’s what including Server in Lion is all about.

  • Tim Scotney

    I had two websites that I created in iWeb. One was hosted with mobile me and the other one FTP. I just made the switch to rapid weaver due to taking iWeb to it’s limits. The site on mobile me I am just going to leave it and cut my losses. Rapid weaver is available on the Mac app store for $74 Australian and it is well worth the money.

  • c.t

    I just started creating a site with iWeb but I could not publish it ’cause I did not have MobleMe {and now I never will}

  • prof_peabody

    Front Page was EOL’ed 5 to 8 years ago.  I think the time to look for alternatives was probably 2008. 

    Best (easy) Mac HTML editor (IMO of course) is Taco HTML.

  • Andre10

    It’s a shame as iWeb made it very easy for people to build a website with “drag and drop” and had great looking templates.

    I think it is a bad decision and instead they should have improved and upgraded iweb and include it in iCloud. Mainly as Apple should be as much about helping people be more creative and easily share their thoughts, ideas, blogs, pictures, music etc. and not just about consumption.

    Apple is one of few companies that has the power to shift the balance and give more people more power through technology and IT/Software solutions. iWeb was one of those services that empowered people by making it simple for them to write, publish and share a website.

  • rockinrors


  • 50thstate

    Thats sad, Iweb was a great way of getting into designing your page without HTML. Drop and save… Options to migrate websites to…? Foursqure, godaddy…?

  • Petr

    Well yes and no. Imagine what you are doing if you are sharing interesting photo taken on iPhone – post it on FB or Twitter. And on FB album is kind of created from those “Mobile uploads”. So chances are that you could see my twitter post, but only those with photos and that photo geotag is Rome – my Italy vacation.
    One could share only one photo in one tweet – so if I could (with new Twitter photo sharing) share group of photos and send link to this group – to album ? 
    Or as iCloud would have those photos anyway (to sync them to your another device) – could you sync-send them to anyther user device at the same time ? 
    Or better send them to Twitter (or other social network) at the same time and post a link ?
    This album could be alive (editing from you computer, another iphone photo) would be synced with iCloud ?
    But may be I’m too crazy here :)

  • Ta

    Are you saying that the current (and I guess last) version of iWeb will not run on Lion, or will it not run on Snow Leopard in the future?

  • Ta

    There are free hosting sites.  See:

  • gczerkies

    I was really hoping that Apple was taking time for an amazing iWeb refresh. 
    It makes sense to kill iDVD (because of HD movies and AppleTV) but why is GarageBand is still alive then? Killing of iWeb seems a bit unfair to me as I have never even opened GarageBand and I don’t even know anyone who’s ever used it for anything either, so I might be wrong but I think that GarageBand is even more niche market than iWeb, yet it’s still alive…

    But apart from that, fully redesigned iWeb, with HTML5, SEO improvements and special iPhone & iPad friendly templates would make perfect sense, so I must admit – I am massively disappointed…

    If all iWork and iLife apps are available through the Mac App Store individually then why killing iWeb without trying it out as a separate item and see how it sells?

    If there is a petition to Steve going round then please send me a link where to sign… :(

  • Vit Savicky

    I never used iWeb, but I can see why someone would be sad to see it go. However, like the article says, it shouldn’t be a big deal. There’s a lot of options out there. And most of them are free. I can see why Apple would want to cancel iWeb.

  • Joshua Christian Castro

    We use iWeb to develop our websites but use an FTP client to upload it to our servers elsewhere. I love that program…. guess I have to find an alternative :(

  • gczerkies

    Totally agree

  • Joshua Christian Castro

    Use Cyberduck to publish your site. Web hosts are willing and ready to work with you still.

  • Celso Dantas

    My mom use it, but as Tallest_Skill pointed I host it elsewhere.

  • Ictus75

    As a musician, I use Garage band all the time and know many other people who use it. At least if they did away with GB, they have Logic LE and Logic that you could upgrade to. With iweb, there’s no place to go in Appleland…

    Perhaps we should all write a nice E-mail to Steve and tell him how disappointed we are that they are letting iweb die, and that we would welcome Apple either continuing to support it, or offering something new and better.

  • Cindon83

    First I want to say, I have had no problem with has kept my notebook, to PC’s and  (now 2 macs and on macbook) 2iPhones in perfect sync with contacts, emails, notes, bookmarks etc…  Secondly, I like SandVox as a web page creator seeing that it allows you to use metatags where iWeb does not. 

  • gczerkies

    I do wonder though if this e-mail from Steve is real… DVDs are being replaced with Blu-rays & downloads but websites & the internet are here to stay, so it doesn’t really make sense to kill iWeb… 

    On the other hand though Apple already had the chance to refresh it and since they haven’t done it yet then maybe we should start writing that open letter…

  • Lorinda Hoover

    What about Sandvox?  It appears to be drag-and drop.  The screen shots look a lot like iWeb.  I have several iWeb sites on mobile me.  Most of them can just disappear, and I can use galleries or something similar.  But I maintain two for relatives who are missionaries.  I’ll need to look at other hosting and/or we’ll need to rethink the sites all together.

  • Barelyabsolut

    Just pictured Flash in a mini skirt waiting for clients in a corner

  • Cody

    I’m sorry for everyone else that uses iWeb, but personally, I’ll be glad I can finally delete the app off my Mac without feeling like there’s still a chance it’s functionality may be needed one day. If I’ll have to build a site some other way in the future anyway, I can scratch iWeb off my list of “wish I could delete, but my OCD is preventing me.”. I just can’t handle deleting something that is still functional.

  • Tom McGrath

    I think Steve must have a special “‘Yep’ to all” button built into iOS for him, that’s what most of his messages say. Then again, he probably gets loads of emails from people.

  • bozomac

    Please advise on how long unsupported ex-Apple programs (a la iWeb) could realistically be expected to stay functional for (3-5 yrs?, one more OS after Lion?), and hosted elsewhere…


    I really liked iWeb and made business/educational websites with it since 2007. I couldn’t be more dissatisfied with the way it’s being handled… Seriously, hard to believe they couldn’t find a code-whore somewhere in a banana republic to tweak it for $10k/yr and keep thousands of users happy with galleries and sites…

  • Frank

    I host elsewhere, so I have no problem with the hosting element going away. A newer version would be nice, but for now it works for me.

  • Ann Brooks

    Love iWeb as a web design program. I’ve got two sites designed with it and fortunately ftp to an independent host. 

    I sure hope Apple won’t entirely abandon the iWeb program and will provide necessary updates to new Apple OSs. I just designed a multi section, multi page site without any iWeb templates, just blank pages. Gets great reviews. I’d hate to have to abandon it just because I want to update my OS

  • Zeke

    Im not a power user, but I use iWeb to post travel pictures and vacation photos for my big and widely scattered family. I have put a good deal of time and labor into it and its a handy place for family to find special photos. 
    Often when traveling, especially in Latin America, hotels do not have wifi and I am forced to use their tethered Windows machines. The loss of .Mac will make checking or receiving emails even more difficult.

  • sebzar

    Our site (sorry for the plug) has been running on an iWeb MobileMe combination since june 2008 with great success. I can’t remember we had any major problems or downtime. The lack of iWeb updates the past years made us suspicious already and right after the announcement of iCloud and the death of MobileMe we were sure that we had to move the site asap. We did this in a couple of days and off course abandoned iWeb altogether. Have to say that these kind ‘jokes’ from Apple with letting people in the dark about the feature of their iWeb site and iDisk files make me reluctant to use new web based services from Apple. Who can guarantee me that an investment in iCloud is a good investment if Apple finds another toy to play with in 2-3 years? If Apple keeps fooling around with customers like this we might end up with the next Mac OS based on a Windows core. I would be a much happier customer if Apple jumps in on the most logical questions right away in stead of keeping us in the dark like this.

  • Tim Plumb

    Try Freeway –

  • baristabrawl

    I still do, but mostly because it’s so easy.  I’m wondering if I’ll be able to host elsewhere?  I like that iWeb is cheap and I can post pictures for family and friends easily.

  • baristabrawl

    HA!  This is how I feel about Garage Band.  :)

  • Stinger man

    The question posed to SJ was unfortunately obstructed by the statement that followed it.  Was Steve saying yep to the question or was he agreeing that the thought of retraining sucked?  I wish people would learn how to ask a question.  

  • Wind_stopper

    I like iWeb, although it is not the most sophisticated software it does not job for me. Same that Apple is just pulling the plug. Does anyone know the fate of mobileMe gallery? Will gallery live on in the cloud? 

  • Guest


  • Trevor Zion Bauknight

    This is definitely where I see Apple heading going forward. People are sketchy about uploading all their content and so on to Facebook because of its lack of effective privacy and utter lack of customer service. I can definitely foresee a situation in which your Internet presence is something that originates on equipment you own. Not that traditional websites are going away, but there are getting to be quite a number of alternatives to the development of them. Your content will be hosted on your own device and synced selectively to the cloud for others to peruse. Even corporate presences are moving toward other hosting options. Apple would do well to develop or adopt some sort of server-side technology that can be deployed by end-users who, like many of the commenters here, have their own hosting…a backend that would work with the client-side software securely, transparently and automagically.

  • Andrew Chan

    Hi Tim, how much more ‘fun’ is Rapidweaver? I run a couple of sites using iWeb and with all these chatter about the demise of iWeb, I am thinking it is time to jump ship. Regards.

  • Clydeskid

    Ok, fine, Steve’s latest vanity project has killed mobileMe. Given the tranfer from .mac to mobileMe was such a cluster-f..K I’m not sure I have a lot of faith in iCloud just yet. Especially since mobileMe wasn’t any better than .mac. My real question is what about the fact I paid for a year of service and it doesn’t run out for 4 months? Do I get a refund? More and more I can see me using a Lenovo and Windows 8, because I get less and less the last few years from Apple and get charged more and more for comparable hardware and services. 

  • CharliK

    not as much as you think. 

    It is classic Steve style to answer the question literally. Which was “Are iWeb and MobileMe dead?”

    He’s already told us that MobileMe is dead. and from its ashes, iCloud rises

    Now he is confirming that iWeb is dead (and by inference iDisk), however he could have a  HOWEVER that he’s not telling. As in “However later in the year when we are sure we haven’t F***ed up the launch of the free iCloud, we will be launching an awesome new web based CloudWeb with a companion iOS and Mac app that will be even more powerful but still just as easy to use. And for the low price of $10 a year for a 5GB space and $20 for a 15GB space.”

  • Knightdesigns

    I have been using iweb for ages now, and have half a dozen sites built and hosted on mobile me, $10 a month seemed good value to me for hosting and mobile me.
    I have been using mac os since dos days and been a staunch supporter of Apple and the mac os, i will be mega upset with uncle Steve if he lets us down.

    Surely they can offer 5gb of extra icloud space and feature for people like us
    that are prepared to pay something for it.

    Dont let us down uncle Steve

  • KW33

    Thanks Tim.  I will check it out.

  • powen

    I thought the way this is being handled / announced left a lot to be desired. We’ve been talking about this a bit internally at work, and we decided we’d like to help anyone that would like to get their website off iWeb and onto Jimdo’s online website builder.

    Jimdo’s based on the same widget building block and drag-and-drop ideas as iWeb is, so the transition won’t be hard. Plus, once you’re migrated, you can enjoy using a service/software that is actually being updated and is the main focus of the company making it!

    More info and help on migrating:

  • stevemouzon

    I built,,, and, all on iWeb. I’d have had no web presence at all without iWeb. Granted, I can find somewhere else to host beginning a year from now, but comments don’t work, do they?

  • stevemouzon

    One more thing… any recommendations for a replacement for iWeb would be very welcome. Everything I’ve seen so far has nowhere near the ease of use for the rest of us that don’t want to learn HTML.

  • Guest


  • Nick Degner

    I have a 15 Gig website that I converted to IWeb about 6 months ago. It was converted from the last web program that Apple made obsolete. So I am not very happy. I started this website in 2003 when my first child was born and now I have another child. My family has been very happy to see my kids grow up with my site. It is funny because I am a professional web designer but IWeb was a no brainer and I did not want to come home after working on HTML all day and mess with it at home. So IWeb let me keep everything up to date quickly. So I really think this sucks.

  • BigDep82

    I just pulled my new iMac out of the box (Lion pre-installed), hooked it up, messed around for a few minutes with iTunes, and then began the search for my old friend iWeb. It is nowhere to be found! So this would confirm our fears that, yes, iWeb is truly dead. I guess this means I’ll be keeping my old computer after all…

    I understand killing the hosting portion but I really enjoyed the ease of this web-site builder. I have my own hosting site but nothing beat the ease (and cost) of iWeb designs. Disappointed for now but hopeful that iOS 5 and iCloud are ready to fill the void.

  • stevemouzon

    FWIW, I’ve moved to Sandvox. It’s by far the closest thing to iWeb out there, and without many of iWeb’s limitations. For example, the SEO features I had to struggle to incorporate in an iWeb site using 3rd party utilities are built into Sandvox. I’m now thinking that it’s actually a good move.

  • drew clausing

    first of all, iWeb is NOT dead… MobileMe is dead.  Apple may not update iWeb anymore, but everyone who uses iWeb will certainly be able to continue using iWeb as long as they host their site on a server other than MobileMe which is what many users do anyway).

    I think it is a big mistake for apple to lose sight of the amazing software the have in iWeb.  It is truly the bestwebpage software available for non power users.

  • billyanthony

    Adobe Muse ( the name for now ) is here.  So now we’ll start using it, and in 2 years Apple will see the need to get that market share and try for a new iWeb again….shite!  Anyway I’m excited about Muse, but I might need CMS stuff, so who knows????  iWeb death pisses me off.