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Apple Tops Samsung In 2013 U.S. Smartphone Marketshare


While Microsoft and BlackBerry are still trying to piece together a decent mobile user base in the U.S., Apple and Samsung managed to widen their lead against the competition in terms of smartphone marketshare in the U.S. Both companies experienced a significant bump in 2013, but Apple claimed the largest increase despite murmurs that the company is getting out innovated by Google. 

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Microsoft Says Windows Phone Is Outselling iPhone… In Fantasyland


The iPhone 5c is not a cheap phone. In fact, it costs $549 without a contract. Apple has 0% share of the sub-$400 “budget” smartphone market by sole dint of the fact it doesn’t sell a budget iPhone.

But hey, don’t let that get in the way of Microsoft trying to claim they are outselling the iPhone in the under-$400 market, which is sort of like saying that Louis Vuitton is outselling Apple in designer clothes.

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Halo Siri — Meet Microsoft’s New Voice Assistant, Cortana

Talk to me, Siri

It might still be a tiny player in the smartphone market, but Microsoft is keen to build on recent successes by releasing a next-gen mobile OS, featuring a Siri-like voice assistant feature.

Windows Phone 8.1 will reportedly launch next April at the company’s Build conference — according to “sources familar with Microsoft’s plans”.

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A Peek Inside Apple’s Top Secret Design Studio, This Week On Our Newest CultCast

Cultcast iPad Mini new logo

This week on the CultCast—its layout, its machinery, and the creative people and processes that build the amazing products we love—we go behind the veil of Apple’s insanely secretive design studio. Plus, how to get great paid apps for free (it’s legal, promise!), and could an Apple/Microsoft merger be in our future? One analyst thinks so…

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A Peek Inside Apple’s Top Secret Design Studio, This Week On Our Newest CultCast

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Steve Ballmer Admits Microsoft’s Successes Are In The Past


Part of Steve Jobs’ genius was his ability to find just the right words to explain why whatever Apple product he was unveiling was so “insanely great” you had to rush out and buy it at that very moment.

Outgoing Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer never had that gift, but his final interview before stepping down contains a few really telling quotes about why things turned out the way they did — with Apple being the innovative market leader, and Microsoft being… well, Microsoft.

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Analyst Claims That Apple/Microsoft Merger Is “Absolutely Possible” Within Next Decade


‘Tis the season for speculative fiction, fa la la la la, la la la la.

In an interview with with Fox Business’ Stuart Varney, Money Map Press analyst Keith Fitz-Gerald predicted that not only might Apple and Microsoft want to work together in the near future, but that a merger in the next 5-10 years is entirely possible.

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Microsoft Wants What Apple’s Getting For Christmas

What’s on Microsoft’s wish list? Customers.

It has become somewhat of an old joke, but Microsoft’s retail stores are essentially ghost towns. Every once in awhile you’ll see a side by side comparison of an Apple Store filled with busy shoppers sitting right next to a completely vacant Microsoft store.

Slate visited both stores yesterday in Arlington, Virginia. The above image shows Microsoft’s store, and here’s a shot from inside Apple’s:

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Microsoft Takes On The iPad Yet Again With New Surface 2 Ads [Video]

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 8.26.35 PM

Microsoft loves to make ads for the Surface that pit it against the iPad. Two new ads for the Surface 2 are perfect examples of how Microsoft can’t effectively market the Surface on its own merits, but must instead compare it to things the iPad can’t do. It’s an incredibly predictable, miserable marketing tactic that Microsoft just can’t seem to let go.

In its two latest ads, Microsoft tries to convince us that the Surface 2 is better because it supports hand gestures and multiple user accounts.

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Microsoft To Offer An App Catalog To Rival Android Or Apple… By End Of 2014?


If there are two main areas where Microsoft massively lags behind both Android and Apple it is market share and app availability.

Well, Microsoft has copped to its role as a “distant third” in the former capacity (Windows Phones represent less than a 5 percent share of the overall market), but is the latter something more immediately addressable?

Yes, according to a tweet posted by Windows Phone VP Joe Belfiore — the man responsible for the design and software product definition of Microsoft’s smartphones — who enthusiastically claims that the end of 2014 is going to mark the end of the “app-gap” between Windows Phones, and those available for Android and iOS platforms.

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Microsoft Launches Xbox One SmartGlass App For Second-Screen Control

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 7.29.00 AM

A year ago, Microsoft released the SmartGlass app, an app for iPhone and iPad that let you navigate your Xbox 360 with swipes and taps on your touchscreen, and even use your device as a second-screen in supported games.

This morning, Microsoft officially released the Xbox One, their follow-up to the Xbox 360. If you loved SmartGlass, though, don’t worry that it has been dropped from the experience: the Xbox One Smartglass app is now here.

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