Delete All of Your Junk Mail in Two Taps with ‘DeleteMail’ for iPhone


One of the biggest niggles with the iOS Mail application – for me – is that in order to delete multiple emails at once, you need to go through and select each individual message before you hit the delete button. I think that kind of defeats the object of having a multiple delete function; you might as well just delete them individually if you’ve got to touch them all anyway. However, a new jailbreak tweak called DeleteMail offers a solution to this problem.

Developed by Andrea Oliva, and now available in Cydia for $0.99, DeleteMail allows you to delete every single email in a particular mailbox in just two taps.

Delete All of Your Junk Mail in Two Taps with ‘DeleteMail’ for iPhone

While this isn’t the perfect solution to deleting multiple emails, it’s certainly a great little tweak for many users. If – like me – you have a secondary email account you use for all of the services you know will send you a shed-load of junk mail, you’ll often look at a mailbox full of over 50 newsletters, special offers and other complete rubbish. Now it’s quick and easy to delete them all.

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