Run iOS Apps in Your Web Browser with Piecable Viewer



A new service from Piecable, called Piecable Viewer, allows you to run iOS applications in your web browser. They’re not just watered down demos either; they’re complete applications – just like you’d get from the App Store – that run on Flash with just one additional line of code.

The service provides developers with a great way of giving people access to their applications for testing, without having to worry about iTunes redemption codes or the UDID limit Apple places on developer accounts. All they have to do is sign up to the Piecable service and choose one of its tiered pricing plans, add an extra line of code to their application, and upload it to the service. They receive a link to the app on the web which can be sent out to agencies, clients, organizations, and the press, enabling the recipient to play around with the application in their web browser.

The tiered price plans start at $30 a month, which allows 3 people to access an app simultaneously and a maximum of 5 app uploads. $60 a month allows 10 people to access an app simultaneously and unlimited app uploads. Both packages provide app links that never expire, so the URL you receive will always point to your application.

For free, developers can upload one app and have one viewer at any one time. However, the link to their application will expire after one hour.

You can go and play around with the Piecable Viewer to see how it works right away. It already features 6 applications to try out, including Yelp, Hipmunk, and Loopt.

[via TechCrunch]

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  • Joseph

    Tried Yelp. Gave up after about 90 seconds of the “loading” wheel. I’m sure it’ll be a hit.

  • mikkeee

    I like the idea and think they could take it a little further. I have some iPad apps that I would love to see in my browser when my wife/son has control of my iPad.

  • BrotherShane

    Worked like a charm for me, pretty nifty!