Super Twario Makes Twitter Into A 2D Platformer




There’s plenty of Twitter clients on the App Store, from Twitter’s official software to power apps like TweetDeck, but watch this peaceful and somnolent video for the somewhat regrettably named Super Twario and you’ll have discovered one of the most pleasant Twitter clients around.

In Super Twario, you use a cute little bunny to navigate a slightly sleepy and dreamlike 2D platform world, much like that of the Super Mario Bros. games. Every platform is made up of a tweet from your timeline, upon which your bunny can hop; above each platform is a hovering user icon, which functions like a coin block, Bonk the block with your head to @reply; bonk the tweet itself to examine closer or retweet. Your adventures in Super Twario world will result in in-game achievements that will be passed along to your Game Center profile.

It’s cute. Super Twario certainly isn’t going to replace Twitter for iPhone as my go-to client, but it makes me wish I had a toddler running around: it would make an excellent “Baby’s First Twitter Client.”

[via Gizmodo]

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