Beautiful renders of new iPhone 6 packaging make us drool


Martin Hajek usually puts his considerable 3-D rendering skills to the task of creating conceptual models of Apple’s upcoming hardware. But after producing his highly-accurate rendering of the iPhone 6 last week, the Dutch artist has tried his hand at something a bit different: imagining a new kind of retail packaging for Apple’s next smartphone, as well as what the iPhone 6 will look like when it’s on display at your local Apple Store.

Instead of the cardboard boxes that current iPhones ship in, Hajek imagines the iPhone 6 selling in a tight, meticulously organized plastic box, similarly to the way Apple sells products like the iPod nano, the iPod touch, and the official Apple EarPods.

I actually really like this packaging design. Not only does it allow the device to speak for itself, but it would be extraordinarily environmentally friendly, allowing more iPhones to be shipped to stores in less space. As for the plastic Apple uses for such boxes? It is so biodegradeable, it literally dissolves in water.

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  • TJ

    Nice packaging, but it wouldn’t work everywhere in the world where plugs are different. In the UK we have 3-pin plugs and you’d never fit one in a package that slim.

    • Joshua Tan Siew Meng

      Possible, if the 3-pin plugs are “foldable”. Won’t that be cool! :D

      • Eric Shaun

        i think samsung have something a little like that shipping with the S5.

  • digitaldumdum

    “Beautiful renders of new iPhone 6 packaging make us drool”

    You drool too easily. (There may be an app for that.)

    • Captain Obvious

      Uh, yeah. “Oooh! I’m drooling over the new plastic packaging!” Covering a $1k phone.

  • Michael Leonardo Gonzalez

    I honestly don’t see the big deal, it looks the same.

    • Lawrence Riccio

      the same? as what? this looks completely different from current packaging…

  • Luis Barbosa

    we’re dreaming too much

  • Josh Sanfilippo

    Similar to the iPhone 5C packaging. I personally prefer the boxes, but putting all iPhones in plastic cases may work. An interesting idea. As long as they don’t start packaging iMacs in plastic cases…

  • Ch Humza Masood Chaudrey

    Awesome packaging, awesome phone but awfull iBeats…

  • hoosieratarian

    Is that the iphone 6 in the pictures? Looks no different from the 5.

    • Juan S.

      The 5 had no touch id ring, also the bezels are incredibly thin, you have poor eyesight mate.

  • Junior117

    I don’t think I’m comfortable with the AT&T logo on the packaging. Other than that, it looks ok.

  • richarddas

    Totally missed the point. Apple packages their products in cardboard which is bio degradable. Why on earth would they switch to non Eco friendly plastic?! Before you can design something you need to learn about all the factors influencing it. Shortsighted on the packaging front.

    • alxinldn

      Speaking of totally missing the point, perhaps you should actually read the article that you are so smugly commenting on:

      “Not only does it allow the device to speak
      for itself, but it would be extraordinarily environmentally friendly,
      allowing more iPhones to be shipped to stores in less space. As for the
      plastic Apple uses for such boxes? It is so biodegradeable, it literally dissolves in water.”

      • richarddas

        “Instead of the cardboard boxes… Hajek imagines the iPhone 6 selling in a… plastic box”

        My point was just that the design doesn’t take into account the limitations of the material: Hajek proposes switching back to plastic, away from paper – but dissolvable plastic doesn’t exist (the link John referenced is to cardboard packaging that Apple uses on the newer EarPods). Not to mention that there’s no such thing as transparent paper either, which poses a problem for the design which relies on a transparent cover?

        So yeah, nice 3D renders, but not really a great ‘design’ as such since it just ignores certain limitations.

        Lastly, rounded corners on the packaging would likely require them to have stabilisers inserted when shipping international to minimise friction (When shipping long distances even tiny amounts of motion can result in friction, causing damage to packaging).

        Basically, there’s a reason that Apple designs their packaging the way they do (paper, rectangular prisms, etc.) because of all these factors. In order to be an improvement on the existing design, the new design would have to achieve more not less.

  • chik_fresa

    really awesome !! I want it! now!

  • PMB01

    Didn’t we see something like this last year that didn’t turn out to be anything more than a guy with too much time on his hands? Apple won’t be doing this.

  • DodgerDawg4Life

    FAKE!!!!! That wall plug doesn’t even work anywhere!!! totes fake

  • Anton Dubinsky

    It’s a phone for christ’s sake, not a vagina.

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