Apple creates enough jobs in Europe to hire all of Glasgow


When it comes to expanding into new markets, or being enjoyed by customers all over the world, Apple is the definition of a multinational company.

It also makes a whole lot of money for people around the globe, as it highlights in a new post concerning the company’s commitment to job creation in Europe.

The post runs down some pretty impressive figures, such as the fact that Apple employs 16,000 people in Europe; that a further 116,000 European jobs have been created at other companies thanks to Apple’s growth; that 132,000 jobs are currently directly or indirectly supported by Apple; and that 497,000 jobs are directly attributable to the App Store.

In total this combined number adds up to 629,000 jobs which have either been created, or are supported by, Apple in Europe.

The article also notes that $6.5 billion of the total $20 billion paid to app developers worldwide has gone to European app-makers. Furthermore, in 2014 the “app economy” is expected to deliver $16.5 billion in revenue to E.U. GDP: a contribution which Apple says is growing at a rate of 12 percent year-on-year.

So why this focus on Europe? While Tim Cook has been outspoken about his desire to present Apple as a “force for good” around the world, a large part of it might relate to the criticism Apple has sometimes come under in Europe. Recently the European Commission condemned Apple (while, somewhat bizarrely, praising Google) for its in-app purchase policies.

Apple has also come under fire for corporate profit shifting (read: tax evasion) — having paid just 3.7 percent on its non-U.S. income last year. While Apple has previously been cleared of any financial wrongdoing in the U.S., the issue has yet to be settled in the E.U., which has resulted in negative press for the company.

By pointing out how much of a job creation company Apple actually is, no doubt someone in Cupertino hopes to drum up a bit of goodwill for everyone’s favorite tech company.

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