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Verdict on Google’s E.U. tax bill could have big implications for Apple


Giant tax bill against Google has been overturned by a French court.
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A Paris court has thrown out the 1.11 billion euros ($1.27 billion) tax bill that France’s tax authorities were demanding from Google — although the French government has said it will appeal the decision.

The verdict could potentially have implications for Apple, which has also found itself on the receiving end of a costly tax bill in the E.U.

Even moving Apple’s cash pile home won’t halt E.U. tax investigation


Apple can't do anything in the face of E.U. investigation.
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Even bringing Apple’s sizable cash pile back to the U.S. wouldn’t stop the E.U. from investigating the company’s Irish tax arrangements, claims E.U. competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager.

“Whether or not Apple wants to repatriate part of their un-repatriated profits is purely up to Apple and is of no concern [to] our case work,” she told reporters after a recent meeting in the U.S. with the Obama administration.

London’s mayor defends Apple’s tax practices in E.U.


London's mayor doesn't think Apple's necessarily in the wrong.
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Apple’s tax situation in Europe is currently the subject of an E.U. investigation — and public opinion hasn’t been helped too much by Google recently agreeing to pay what many view as a derisory sum of £130 million ($185m) in U.K. back taxes for the past ten years.

But Cupertino has an unexpected champion in the form of tousle-haired London mayor (and possible next Prime Minister) Boris Johnson. Kind of.

Apple creates enough jobs in Europe to hire all of Glasgow



When it comes to expanding into new markets, or being enjoyed by customers all over the world, Apple is the definition of a multinational company.

It also makes a whole lot of money for people around the globe, as it highlights in a new post concerning the company’s commitment to job creation in Europe.

The post runs down some pretty impressive figures, such as the fact that Apple employs 16,000 people in Europe; that a further 116,000 European jobs have been created at other companies thanks to Apple’s growth; that 132,000 jobs are currently directly or indirectly supported by Apple; and that 497,000 jobs are directly attributable to the App Store.

FOX News Contributor: Apple Should Buy Cyprus From The E.U.



The tiny Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus has fallen on some hard times lately.

The bleak financial prospects facing Cyprus has resulted in the govenment having to come up with capital control measures to prevent runs on banks, and keep investors from taking money out of the country. Worse, depositors in Cypriot banks who have more than 100,000 euros in the bank could soon see 40% of their funds converted into bank shares, while those with less than 100,000 euros will not lose any funds – but face limits on what funds they can access.

It’s all looking bleak, and the Cypriot situation has all of the Euro zone panicking. What should Cyprus do? According to one commentator, let Apple buy them.