How to add new photos to existing albums on your iPhone

How to add new photos to existing albums on your iPhone

It’s easy to quickly fill up your camera roll on your iOS device with tons of different photos. While you have photos of different types and categories, creating albums is good to maintain a sort of organization and sanity on your device. In today’s episode of Cult of Mac’s how-to learn how to add new photos to your existing albums and more.

Take a look at the video to see what to do.

  • Guest

    was very interested to see this but alas once I select some pics from my Camera Roll, select Add To, all my albums are ‘greyed out’ and I am unable to continue :(

  • Michael Collins

    That is my comment re greyed out albums! don’t know why it posted as a guest??

  • Yahya

    Thanks for these instructions. In the same domain I want to share with you the ways that you could be using to delete photos from your iPhone by using Windows PCs, Mac, and iPhone, without using a strange app, and how to delete albums, synced photos and more…

  • herbaled

    When I select photos in camera roll I don’t see “add to.” I’m stuck.

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