StickR TrackR: A coin-sized device that keeps you from losing your stuff [Deals]


Ever lose something? Of course you have. How would like to keep your belongings found, not lost? With StickR TrackR you can do just that.

StickR TrackR is a coin-sized device that can be attached onto or stuck to any item – keys, remotes, bikes, luggage, etc – and works with the corresponding TrackR app to help you locate your missing goods. And Cult of Mac Deals has StickR TrackR available for a limited time for only $19.95!

Please note: This offer is only available to customers in the continental United States. The sale price includes shipping and all sales are final. For more terms and conditions surrounding this offer, including device requirements and product specifications, visit the Deals page.

The device and app communicate using Bluetooth Low Energy to help you locate your devices with your phone. By using Crowd GPS technology, anytime your TrackR is near another user’s device, you’ll be able to see where your missing item has gone, right from the app.

The top features of StickR TrackR include:

  • Distance Indicator: TrackR displays the distance between yourself and your items
  • Multiple Item Tracking: TrackR can keep track of all your essential items – single phone or tablet can track up to 10 items simultaneously
  • Two-Way Find: One button tap on your StickR TrackR will signal your phone to ring, even on silent and one button tap on your TrackR app will signal your items to beep for easy discovery
  • Two-Way Separation Alert: If you are about to leave your keys behind, your phone will send you a push notification to remind you. Vice versa, if you are about to leave your phone behind, StickR TrackR rings to notify you.
  • No Recharging: Don’t worry about batteries, TrackR lasts for over 1 year on an easy to replace coin cell battery

Place a StickR TrackR on things you use (and lose) the most to save time, money, prevent stress and stay organized by keeping track of your most cherished goods! So don’t lose out on the savings. Get StickR TrackR for just $19.95 today from Cult of Mac Deals!

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StickR TrackR: A coin-sized device that keeps you from losing your stuff [Deals]

  • herbaled

    Re. “can be attached onto or stuck to any item.” Great. How??

    • Melina Jane Soto

      The TrackR comes with an attachable lanyard and sticker. The lanyard easily attaches to keys and the handles/zippers/buckles on bags or purses. The optional sticker can be used to adhere the TrackR to other items such as bikes, cars, pet collars, etc.

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