Pebble Notes Puts Everything You Need To Remember On Your Wrist



Pebble Notes, a new iPhone app written by a student for students, puts important information on your wrist by sending your notes to your Pebble.

So many of us rely on the notes we’ve created and stored on our smartphones to get us through the day. We use them to make shopping lists for the supermarket, jot down passwords and codes we’ll need later on, and to help us remember other important information — such as answers for exams.

But if we leave our iPhone at home, they’re no good to us — unless you have Pebble Notes.

With the Pebble Notes app, you can quickly jot down important notes on your iPhone that are then synced with your Pebble. They’re stored locally on your watch, so even if you leave your iPhone at home or you have to leave it in your locker, you can still access the notes you’ve created.

Pebble Notes is particularly useful at school, 17-year-old creator Patrick Balestra told Cult of Mac.

“I was at school during a German test and I was required to study some vocabulary, but I couldn’t remember a few,” he recalls. “I was wearing my Pebble and I was wondering why I couldn’t have my notes on it.”

After some searching, Patrick found existing solutions for the Pebble weren’t very good, so he decided to make his own. He built the entire app in a few weeks during school break, and it recently made its App Store debut priced at just $0.99.

Patrick says he’s received heaps of praise for Pebble Notes since it made its App Store debut earlier this week, and he’s already working on making the app even better.

Pebble Notes currently allows you to create notes up to 256 characters long — that’s the same limit you get for tweets — but Patrick plans to double that to 512 characters in the next update. He will also add the ability to invert colors on the Pebble side, and to choose the default font.

Later on, Pebble Notes will also offer passcode protection, so users will be able to protect their notes with a 4-digit code to prevent them from being viewed by others. On the Pebble side, they’ll use a button combination to gain access.

Pebble Notes is available to download now from the App Store, priced at $0.99. Just follow the source link below.

Source: App Store

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  • Nick

    “I was at school during a German test and I was required to study some
    vocabulary, but I couldn’t remember a few”. Where I come from this is called “cheating”.