Projecteo, A Teeny-Tiny Projector For Your Instagrams


Back in the 1970s and 1980s, and maybe into the 1990s (I spent much of that decade drunk, so it’s all a little hazy), there was a phrase that could turn even the toughest and most sociable of us into terrified, dread-filled jellies. You would be invited to a friends house for drinks and maybe dinner, to celebrate their successful return from a trip to the furthest corners of the world.

You’d be all set, happy to see them and spend some time chatting over drinks, and then the words would come. “There will be a slideshow.”

In the times of film, this meant a darkened room, a humming projector and lots of very dull commentary. And after dinner, it was almost impossible to stay awake.

Which brings me to the new The Projecteo Gift Set, which is either an awesome modern-day take on the slideshow, or a way to get revenge on your show-off friends from decades past. It could even be both…

The Projecteo is two things: a service and a gadget. Buy it and you’ll receive nine of your Instagram photos magically transferred onto a single frame of 35mm film, laid out in a tiny circle. This circle is encased in a round cartridge and popped into the hardware part of the gift: a tiny projector which runs on three (included) LR41 watch batteries.

Who wouldn’t want a tiny, pocket-sized slideshow that can be deployed at a moment’s notice?

The kit can be had now for just $35, and includes a voucher for one picture wheel.


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