The Spool Dock Is Hot, Hot, Hot

Spool Dock_ close

Yes, it’s another iPhone 5 dock. And yes, it’s on Kickstarter. But just take a look at the Spool Dock and tell me you don’t want the hell out of it. Go on, I dare ya.


The beautiful dock looks more like something from a high-end home-ware store than a tech accessory, with a choice of maple or walnut tops, solid black or white metal bases and a phone-coddling wool-felt covering. There’s also a (literal) twist: the base comes apart and lets you spool your Lightning cable around the internal spindle before letting it exit through a gap in the side. It’s a lot like the base of my cordless kettle, only better looking, and more useful for iPhones.

Want one? Yes, of course you do – you’re only human. You can pitch in as little as $35 on the Kickstarter campaign to tentatively pre-order a unit, or you could wait until it ends up in high-end home-ware stores and pay $70. Either way, you’re looking at February 2014 as the earliest time you’re likely to actually get one.

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