Boingo App For iOS Now Allows You To Buy Wi-Fi With In-App Purchases



The Boingo app for iOS now allows users to buy Wi-Fi using in-app purchases that are charged to your iTunes account. It makes it quicker and easier to get connected on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and means you no longer have to navigate Boingo’s website.

There is a catch, though. Not only is the in-app purchase 4¢ more expensive than the regular Boingo subscription at $7.99, but it’s also iOS-only, providing unlimited connectivity on any iOS device. So subscriptions paid for using an in-app purchase won’t work on your notebook, Android-powered devices, or anything else you might want to use it on.

This limitation is presumably to make up for the 30% cut Apple will take on every in-app purchase Boingo sells, and for some users — those who want the subscription purely for use on an iOS device — it may not be an issue. But it does encourage those who want to use the subscription on other devices to sidestep the in-app purchase (and therefore Apple’s 30% cut) and buy online.

Boingo’s iOS app also gives you the option to set up a recurring in-app purchase that’ll automatically bill you for your subscription every month. Unfortunately, however, there’s no option to purchase quarterly or yearly subscriptions at a discount.

Y0u’ll find the latest version of Boingo for iOS in the App Store now.

Source: BusinessWire


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    I think many would rather go to a Starbucks nearby that is free. Unless they’re really into those expensive Hotels that Boingo is in for $200 a night.