Tim Cook Gets A 94 Percent Employee Rating On Glassdoor

They like him, they really, really like him.

They like him, they really, really like him.

Tim Cook is a well-liked CEO, at least according to employee ratings on Glassdoor, a website that allows employees of any company to post reviews, ratings, and other such metadata about the companies they work for.

The current rating of Apple CEO Tim Cook on the service is a high 94 percent, gathered from all the employees who have rated him on the service, a total of 724 as of this writing. While Glassdoor is an opt-in survey system, it is anonymous. If they hated the guy, they’d probably say so. Anonymity plus the internet is anything but overly polite.

Glassdoor also has a ratings and reviews section for the company as a whole, and Apple is currently getting a 3.9 out of 5 star rating. That’s pretty darn good, considering that these employees can be anyone from retail grunts to Apple Genius Bar staffers to design and software specialists. There are currently 1,987 reviews and ratings that contribute to this almost 4 star rating.

The featured review on the main Glassdoor Apple page is from a Apple retail employee. It lists pros and cons of working for the tech giant, with pros including getting to work with great technology and meeting amazing people and cons detailing how management could be more encouraging to employees around Apple promotions, and how major holidays were difficult to take time off during.

Overall, even with all the press about Apple stiffing their retail employees, and how Tim Cook isn’t Steve Jobs, it’s nice to see these high approval ratings. Even though Glassdoor can’t really be completely sure of the validity of its data, due to self-selection bias and the like, it does give enough of a positive impression of working for the company here in the states.

Interestingly, the Apple UK star rating is similarly high, at 3.8 stars. CEO Tim Cook has not been rated on the Glassdoor records here, however.

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