Ecoute For iPhone Now Displays Missing Artwork, Works With Launch Center Pro



Ecoute is one of the best third-party music players for iPhone, and it just got a whole lot better thanks to its latest update. In addition to the ability to download missing artwork, it also has new features and supports a new URL scheme that allows it to play nicely with Launch Center Pro.

If you’ve added music to your iTunes library from burned CDs or alternative sources, some of your albums may have missing artwork. That means they look ugly when you play them on your iPhone, but the latest version of Ecoute will automatically find and download that artwork for you from

The new “Play Next” feature it pretty self-explanatory; it lets you choose any track, album, or artist and add it to a queue so that it automatically begins playing when the song you’re already listening to is over. This is handy if you’re listening to music with friends and you want to ensure that Ecoute doesn’t pick a Justin Beiber track and embarrass you.

Ecoute also has a new URL scheme (ecoute//:) that means it now works with Launch Center Pro, and this update fixes a number of minor bugs.

Source: App Store


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