Google Adds Its Own Version Of AirPlay To YouTube iOS App

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Google has a released a pretty big update for its YouTube iOS app that adds a “send to TV” option. The feature was added to Android last year.

This is basically Google’s version of AirPlay. It’s an open protocol that’s in Google TV, Xbox, PS3, and some new HDTV sets. Once you’ve paired with the device, the YouTube iOS app becomes a remote for discovering and playing back videos on the big screen.

Tapping a new button in the YouTube app quickly connects you with a device that supports Google’s platform. You can obviously still use AirPlay to pair an iOS device with an Apple TV, and the Apple TV has a built-in YouTube app.

Today’s YouTube app update also includes a fix for slow buffering over WiFi, and it adds the ability to record and upload via the standalone YouTube Capture iOS app.

  • Hubbo

    Oh quick, start the rumour mill!! It’s a new iPhone! Volume, power buttons, etc are on the wrong side, or maybe Apple released a phone for lefties ;-)

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