Is CamFind Four Times More Accurate Than Google Goggles? [Kickstarter]

Is CamFind Four Times More Accurate Than Google Goggles? [Kickstarter]

That’s what CamFind‘s developers are claiming — that the app is at least four times more accurate than Google Goggles at recognizing and then searching for the subject of a photo you’ve taken with your iPhone.

If you’re unfamiliar with the two-year-old Google Goggles function (integrated within the Google Search app) the idea is pretty simple. Just snap a photo with your iPhone, and the app tries to recognize what you’ve taken a photo of. Once identified, you can then initiate a Google search for that item.

Problem is, it doesn’t work all that well, often misidentifying the subject, or just giving up altogether. Image Searcher Inc., developer of CamFind, claim that Google Goggles is at best 20 percent accurate. In contrast, they say their app is 85 percent accurate. That’s a big difference.

CamFind is scheduled to launch in late May as an iOS-only app, and it’ll be free — but there’s a catch. As you may have noticed in the headline, CamFind is a Kickstarter project, with a funding goal of $60,000. So far they’ve reached about 20 percent of that goal, with about three weeks left.

Image Searcher has offered to give us a peek at the app’s beta version. Stay tuned.

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    I can’t comment on camfind, but I’ve never had a problem with Google goggles. Actually I’ve been pretty amazed by how well it works. I’m using the android version and it always pops up when I take a picture of something with a logo in it, or a landmark, even from weird angles. I know it cheats some with the GPS but still its pretty amazing.

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