Make iBooks 3 Work Better For One-Handed Reading [iOS Tips]

Not *that* kind of reading. Geeze.

Not *that* kind of reading. Geeze.

Ok, get it out of your system. I’ll wait.

Ahem. So, by one-handed reading, I’m really talking about being able to hold your iPad mini or iPhone in your left or right hand, much like you can with a dedicated eReader device, like a Nook Simple Touch or a Kindle. The ones with buttons on them allow you to hold the reader in one hand, like you would with a paperback while lying in a sun chair by the pool, or in bed at night.

Here’s how to make your iPad or iPhone work more like that.

While I’m not a big fan of single-handed reading with a full-sized iPad, the iPad mini is fantastic for reading in bed. And, since you can’t add hardware buttons to your iPad or iPhone, you can enable the right and left margin to advance the page. By default, the left margin is set to go back a page.

Tap to launch your Settings app, and then scroll down to the apps section. Tap on iBooks, and then toggle the “Both Margins Advance” option to ON. Then, whether you tap your screen on the left or the right, the page will advance. If you want to go backwards, you can still swipe from the left margin, even with this setting on.

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