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Sometimes you just want to share photos with family and friends, simply and easily, without having to post to Facebook, figure out the lists thing there, or use some weird Dropbox shared folder, because, honestly, your mom really doesn’t “get” Drobpox and can’t you just send her a nice picture of the grandkids like you used to? And don’t even get me started on shared Photo Streams and your dad, ok?

Since it’s the end of the calendar year, and many folks celebrate holidays of one sort or another, or completely boycott them, which is its own kind of celebration, really, I though it might be nice to connect you all to a new app, called Pear (get it?). It lets you share photos and such simply, easily, and only with those folks you want to share with.

All you do is tap the plus button in the Pear app and it’s just instantly shared with the friends you’ve designated. Tap it again and unshare it. That’s how simple this app is. These shared videos and photos appear in the Pear app on other people iOS devices with no configuration, no wackiness, nothing. Just simple, direct sharing.

The Pear “stream” shows all photos and videos in a collage that’s organized by time. Anyone in the group can share photos to the Pear stream and the images and videos will merge in time-order, from first taken to last. It’s like a big collaborative slideshow right on your iPhone.

The Pear developer promises that your photos and videos are still owned by you, and only you get to control who owns them. Nice, right?

So, as you and all your tech-savvy cousins get together this holiday season, you can connect your iPhones via Pear and share all the photos of your wacky uncles and aunts making their egg nog faces, and videos of ripping paper and useful gifts with each other, with no privacy concerns, or intense configurations.

You’re welcome. Happy Holidays.

Source: The App Store
Via: Reddit

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