You Can Now Use iOS To Remotely Download Files Onto Your Mac



Say you’re out and about and you find a link that you want to remember to download onto your desktop  once you get home. You could copy the URL to Notepad, email it to yourself, or add the page to Pocket, but you’re probably going to forget to do it later or lose the info.

A new utility called Transloader, created by Matthias Gansrigler, makes such situations easier to manage by allowing iPhone and iPad users to remotely download URLs to their Mac when they’re away from the house.

Transloaders utilizes iCloud to send URLs to your Mac and have them downloaded automatically by having the app installed on both your desktop Mac and iOS device.

“Add URLs to any kind of file in Transloader on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and it will sync them to your Mac for download.

This way, if you come across, say, a Mac App demo on your iPhone and want to download it, you just paste that link into Transloader for iOS and it will be synced to this Mac app where it will be downloaded, ready for when you’re in front of your Mac again.”

The app works pretty well. It takes a few seconds for iCloud to send the URL from your iPhone over to your Mac and then the download process starts automatically. It works with .zip, .dmg and PDF files The app is super easy to use, and it’s on sale for only $2.99 right now in the Mac App Store and you can grab the iOS companion app for free.


Source: Transloader

Via: MacStories

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  • onlineaddy

    Umm…iCloud Tabs: $FREE

  • robert_walter

    Ummm reading list; its also free and more permanent than icloud bookmarks!

  • bullshitconsult

    The question that I need answered is, can you run iOS apps on a Mac?

  • landoncube

    Adding the site to your reading list is an option.
    Also, simply leaving the page open in Safari on the device will list it under the iCloud icon in the toolbar of the Mac.