Court Tells Samsung To Pay Apple $129,000 Per Day On Top Of Galaxy Devices Ban

Court Tells Samsung To Pay Apple $129,000 Per Day On Top Of Galaxy Devices Ban

Some of Apple’s lawsuits in Europe haven’t been going that well, but they’ve still been dominating Samsung in the Netherlands. A new ruling from the Dutch court has banned the sales of a few Samsung Galaxy devices after the court ruled that Samsung infringed on Apple’s patents.

Apple’s patent for scrolling through a photo gallery on a touchscreen was able to sink Samsung’s Galaxy devices, but then the court added more pain to the ruling by demanding Samsung pay Apple $129,000 per day.

The ban only applies to Samsung Galaxy devices running Android 2.2.1 and above that don’t use Samsung’s patented photo gallery software. Apple’s patent allows a zoomed-in image to be be scrolled past and then revealing part of the next set of images.

Samsung only has to pay the $129,000 per day if the patent infringement continues. While Apple has yet to release an official statement concerning the ruling, Samsung’s spokesperson said they were very disappointed with the Dutch court’s ruling.


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