Google Thinks Apple Might Reject The Google Maps App For iOS



If you’ve had a horrible experience with Apple’s new Maps app, you’re probably anxious for Google to hurry up and get Google Maps back onto your iPhone. The Google Maps app is reportedly in development and should be ready for launch by the end of 2012, but some people at Google say they’re not optimistic that Apple will approve the app.

According to a new report, Google employees think that Apple will reject the app once Google submits it for approval because Apple will want to “keep moving forward in an effort to make its obviously inferior product better.”

We think this a complete farce and that Google is leaking stories to the press so they can keep scrutiny on Apple because they want Google Maps on iOS to have a highly visible launch.We won’t know the truth behind Google’s allegations for sure until Apple approves or rejects the app later this year though.

Sources at Google have told The Guardian that they’re most worried by the type of mapping apps the App Store is currently promoting.

“Specifically, they point to the lack of any mapping app in the “Find maps for your iPhone” section of the App Store – accessible only via iPhones or iPads – that use the Google Maps APIs to call wirelessly for location, routing or point-of-interest (POI) data.”

There are free apps, such as Maps+, which use Google Places APIs and Google Maps tiles to bring Google Maps back to the iPhone, but Apple hasn’t promoted them in the App Store. By using Google’s APIs those apps would give iOS users a lot of the functionality that the old Google Maps app had before it was removed in the update to iOS 6.

With the troubles surrounding Apple’s new Maps app, we would be shocked if the Google Maps were rejected during the app approval process. Even though Google is their biggest rival, Apple’s mapping solution is inferior to Google’s but it has the advantage of being baked into iOS, so they should be able to gain marketshare quickly once it becomes a superior product.


Source: The Guardian


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  • wesleyvercammen

    Never would have happened under Steve jobs!

  • flitzy

    Oh, please. Google is just trying to cry for attention here. They’ve already come out and said they’re fine with other apps. Quit it with the pity party, Google.

  • alirezadehghani

    Never would have happened under Steve jobs!

    How can you possibly know that? MobileMe happened under Steve’s time, and I think they had no choice but to release the app and get the user feedback. Another year would have done nothing for them. Both Maps and Siri rely heavily on user data. Just give it more time.

  • TheKnightWhoSaysNi

    “We think this a complete farce”

    Why? Apple has pulled this kind of crap before.

  • extra_medium

    Once they put 10+ years of development into it, it should be just as good! But by then Google will have had 20 years developing theirs.

  • markbyrn

    The real angst with Google is that Apple isn’t paying them map API fees anymore and putting out an iOS map won’t change that fact. Of course Apple will approve the app and as such, Google would rather delay and throw fits in hopes that people will switch to Android.

  • chuckmcginley

    Let me make sure I understand this….

    An unnamed source, has commented, that they speculate, that a fictional vaporware product, that does not yet exist, will PROBABLY be rejected from Apple before it has been submitted. But they are not sure.

    F&^%$ing news sites are just making things up now. The signal is no longer detectable in the noise.