iPhone 5 Even Faster Than Originally Reported, Due To Updated Benchmarking Software

iPhone 5 Even Faster Than Originally Reported, Due To Updated Benchmarking Software

The iPhone 5 runs on an Apple-designed A6 chip, which has been widely reported as running at 1.0GHz. The software that performed that analysis, Geekbench, was recently updated to an iOS 6-enabled version, and the iPhone 5 was tested again. Turns out that the A6 CPU dual-cores are actually running at 1.3GHz, which is a bit faster than previously thought.

THe current 1.3GHz number comes right from the latest iOS 6 build of Geekbench, the iOS benchmarking software generally accepted as the authority on these things. In a post at Engadget, this later build is described by Primate Labs‘ John Poole as “a dramatically improved processor frequency detection algorithm, which consistently reports the A6′s frequency as 1.3GHz.”

The earlier build of Geekbench, he said, “had trouble determining the A6’s frequency, which lead to people claiming the A6’s frequency as 1.0GHz as it was the most common value Geekbench reported.”

We’ve of course reported on the fact that the iPhone is currently testing as the fastest smartphone out there, and this current adjustment upward in no way changes that. The A6 chip was designed by hand by Apple, giving it a significant increase in performance than even the iPhone 4S, a fairly fast smartphone in its own right.

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  • Matthew Gonzales Landry

    I guess technically its faster in frequency, but its not faster in performance. And for me, Geekbench has been rating my CPU frequency from 800MHz (and the corresponding score of 1,000 proved the low frequency) all the way to 1.34GHz. I almost never see 1.0GHz. But the score is usually around 1600+

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