Revamped Digg Site Brings An Updated iPhone App And New Editorial Content

Revamped Digg Site Brings An Updated iPhone App And New Editorial Content

The new Digg site features more editorial content, and an updated iPhone app.

Betaworks purchased Digg, the social news aggregator, earlier this month. In that short span of time, the purchasing company has rebuilt Digg from the ground up to include editorial content instead of user-promoted news stories as well as better performance across the site.

In addition, a new iPhone app launched right alongside the revamped web site, giving iPhone users a new app-based interface for the site content. Betaworks promises more features to come soon, including personalization, commenting features, more accessible data, and some API development — all great stuff that promises Digg may not be as dead as some have claimed.

The updated iPhone app will let you Digg stories, read them offline, and save them for later reading, with support for both Instapaper and Pocket. You can share your favorites via Twitter, Facebook and email from within the app as well. In addition, there’s a location-based feature called Paperboy, which will auto-download the latest specified stories for offline reading when you leave a certain location, via geofencing.

Hopefully, this new site and new iPhone app will bring a bit of attention back to Digg, which was sold off piecemeal. Betaworks bought the domain URL, the web code, data and traffic for about $725,000, while The Washington Post hired most of the staff for around $12 million. Linked In reportedly also paid around $4 million for 15 patents that Digg owned.

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