Buggy Podcasts App To Update Later Today


Great first try, but now let's fix this thing, ok?

The Podcasts app, released by Apple last month, is a thing of potential beauty. I’ve already returned to a state of podcast listening due to the app, which lets me find and focus solely on the podcast content I need, without all the kludgy hassle of syncing and downloading.

Notice I said “potential” beauty. The app is really not ready for prime time, with freezes, crashes and a dearth of sync between, for example, an iPhone and an iPad. That’s set to change later today, according to “sources” mentioned at AllThingsD, with an update to the Podcasts app that should fix these issues, at least.

It’s surprising that the app came out so unfinished, as Apple has long held to a tradition of only releasing software that’s been fairly well vetted for these kinds of bugs. In fact, the Podcasts app is averaging a 2.5 star rating in the App Store reviews, with about 2,400 of the over 5,500 reviews are one star ratings. This is unheard of for Apple-created software on any App Store. In the fast-paced world of the App Store and $20 operating system updates only a year after the previous release, it’s possible that Apple will start releasing stuff a bit before it’s ready, in order to be first out of the gate. Or maybe they just missed the bugs. I’m betting on the latter.

Source: AllThingsD


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  • Harold Kelly

    You know i really love this app…but the bugs in it made it really difficult to adore. i finally switched over to Instacast to just be able to find some of my podcasts…and they automatically uploaded which was awesome and simple. I’m hoping the update really fixes these things! Also…I know a lot was made about the interface with the reel to reel background and all…I really like it.

  • shannon_f

    Seeing the headline of this article got me excited. I love the potential of the app but as someone who listens to podcasts in the car and then picks them up at home, it was such a pain in the ass to have to check my iPhone’s podcast app just to see where I had left off. Hope they fix the icloud sync functionality…

  • Scott Townsend

    Really surprised the app was released in such a bad state, practically putting an egg salad on Apple’s face. I’ve been using Stitcher for a while and love it. Apple, shame on you!