The MacBook Air Is Killing Ultrabook Sales

The MacBook Air Is Killing Ultrabook Sales

Intel’s attempt to knock the MacBook Air down a peg seems to be failing them. Some depressing sales figures were released that show how little of an impact the Ultrabooks have had on the MacBook Air. In Q2, only 500,000 total Ultrabooks were shipped, compared to 2.8 million MacBooks. Ouch.

Of course, this number also includes MacBook Pros, but it stands to reason that the majority of Apple notebooks shipping today are MacBook Airs. Also, it’s important to take into consideration that there are dozens of Ultrabook models out there in the wild, compared to just the 11 and 13-inch MacBook Air.

Macs have never dominated over PCs in sales, but it appears that for the first time since perhaps the renaissance of the all-in-one desktop, Apple has carved out a good portion of the market for themselves.

Intel had hoped for Ultrabooks to dominate at least 40% of the market, but so far, but it looks like perhaps only 1 million of the 225 million laptops sold this year will be Ultrabooks.

We’ll see if the release of Windows 8 can breathe new life into the Ultrabook market, but it appears that Intel’s shot at the MacBook Air has fallen short, at least for now.

I’d like to hear what you think, though. Have you even seen an Ultrabook out in the wild? I’ve seen plenty of MacBook Airs, but I’ve yet to catch anyone using an Ultrabook.

  • sosickitzill

    “It’s time to clear the Air” – Samsuck… Oh wait, PSYCHE!

    MBA ftw!

  • shad0ws

    “Of course, this number also includes MacBook Pros, but it stands to reason that the majority of Apple notebooks shipping today are MacBook Airs.”

    … why does that “stand to reason,” exactly? the price points aren’t *that* different when you compare, say, 13″ models of each. the options are.

    don’t get me wrong, i love my MBA to death… i’m just curious where this inference is coming from.

    i can honestly say i’ve never seen an ‘ultrabook’ in the wild. but, also, other than my own 11″ MacBook Air, i think i’ve only seen a few of those. plenty of 13″ around, though.

  • IamJAd

    “Of course, this number also includes MacBook Pros…”

    “…but it stands to reason that the majority of Apple notebooks shipping today are MacBook Airs.”

    Really? How so? Why so? Where is the support for these statements?

    Why would MacBook Pros be included? They don’t fall under the definition of “Ultrabook” (as cited on Wikipedia). Do we know that it “stands to reason” that Airs outsell Pros?

    This article is one of the sloppiest examples of writing I’ve ever witnessed on Cult of Mac.

  • zviivz

    It’s a win-win situation for Intel. No matter who dominates, Intel still wins because macbook and ultrabooks are using Intel chips. That said, I still think win 8 is one of the main reason folks are not buying ultrabooks. Why buy a win7 now when win 8 is just around the corner? If I have a working laptop now, I don’t mind waiting.

  • jmanes

    I hope Vizio does a good job on their laptops. I think Vizio has potential. Not sure if they will tear me away from my MBA purchase this august though.

  • CCER

    I see ultrabooks on a regular basis, unlike MBA’s.

  • Dimitris aka XoLeRaS

    because noone wants to buy a pos pc that is trying to look like a mba

  • Excalibear2

    Intel wants to carve a niche in the ultrabooks market because they don’t want to depend just on Apple for sale of their chips. What if Apple decides to use their own chips in the future in the MBA line? The Ultras need to do a better job at innovating. They also need to offer free Win8 upgrades w/purchase and match or approach Apple’s build quality. Not easy.

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