Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview Now Available To Rent From iTunes Store In U.S.

Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview Now Available To Rent From iTunes Store In U.S.

The “lost” Steve Jobs interview has now been found in iTunes.

Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview has made its way to the iTunes Store and is now available to rent more than six months after a sample of the video was teased online. The one-hour, 15-minute video can be rented now for just $3.99, but it’s only available to those in the United States.

The interview was originally conducted in 1995 by former Apple employee Robert X. Cringely for the TV series Triumph of the Nerds, but only 10 minutes of the footage was actually used in the show. The rest of it was presumed lost until the original tape was rediscovered weeks after Steve Jobs passed away.

The interview’s description reads:

Candid, controversial and funny… the original and unedited interview with Steve Jobs, conducted by tech journalist and former Apple Inc. employee Robert X. Cringely, from 1995 when Steve Jobs was still CEO of NeXT Computer and Pixar.

We’re hoping the interview will make its way to the international iTunes Stores in due course, but right now it’s exclusive to the U.S. In the meantime, you can check out the trailer below.


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