Avoid This Awful “Microsoft Word 2012’ Knockoff For iPhone

Avoid This Awful “Microsoft Word 2012’ Knockoff For iPhone

Looks a lot like Word, but it’s just a shameless counterfeit.

There are a lot of iOS users who are waiting patiently for Microsoft’s Office productivity suite to finally make its App Store debut. Although Microsoft is maintaining its silence on the subject, recent reports have claimed that Office for iOS will arrive this year. Some developers have taken advantage of that speculation and begun making their own “Office” products.

No, I don’t mean the genuine productivity suites that have been available for some time — many of which are very good. I mean the knockoff apps that try their hardest to look like Microsoft’s own Office products just to trick you into handing over your cash. The latest is called “Microsoft Word 2012’ by Super Racing Real Games.

No only does the app look a little like Word, but the fact that it’s called “Microsoft Word 2012’ means its intentions are obvious. This developer is clearly taking advantage of everyone’s lust for a real Office suite by producing a knockoff of their own. Fortunately for those who have been fooled by the name and the screenshots, the app is free, so you won’t be out of pocket. But you can bet that as it begins to make its way up the charts, that price tag will change.

Admittedly, in its description, the app claims to be more of a guide to Word, rather than Word itself. But again, its icon and screenshots make its intentions to fool you pretty clear.

Even as a guide, this app is terrible. Its instructions are unclear and poorly written, and there are no screenshots to help you learn. With that said, it should be avoided at all costs.

How this app made its way through Apple’s approval process with that name is a surprise to us.

UPDATE: And just like that, the price shot up to $9.99.

  • iMaclord

    How on Earth would Apple approve such an app in the App Store – unless, of course it’s for the JB community ?

  • JoViKe

    Everyone does not lust for Microsoft products, I can assure you. The Office programs do not work well together as a suite and each one is inconsistent and over-busy, looks ghastly and the barriers to productivity kill any creative urge.

  • technochick

    It made it into the store because the description tells them what it is. A guide to Microsoft Word. NOT actually Word. Perhaps they should have had to put something like “Learn” or “Guide” in the title but they haven’t hidden what they were attempting to do. 

    That said, $10, really? A guide like that is worth $.99 tops. but I do love the two complaints that they want their money back because you can’t write anything. Dudes did you not read before you paid. 
  • greggo

    Ironically, immediately after urging readers to avoid this app, it is featured in the “Apps you might like” on the same page. Go figure.

  • greggo

    Ironically, immediately after urging readers to avoid this app, it is featured in the “Apps you might like” on the same page. Go figure.

  • Egregious

    The app seems to have been dropped from the app store…

  • wordprocessapps

    Banning and removing this app is not the solution for this error. The real problem is “how apple store approved this submission?”. Is that an auto approval system? You may see that the description is over promotion! And the vendor is not Microsoft! OMG iOS app store!!! They should care more about..

    P.S. Hey Bill! look at your site! this app shows on your site too in “Apps you might like” widget! Take the necessary actions to remove this app to protect your visitors!

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