Groove 2: The Best Music Player For iOS Just Got Even Better


Groove 2 gets Retina display graphics for the new iPad, playlist shuffle, and more in latest update.

Groove 2 is the music player that your iOS device’s built-in Music app should have been. It really is an incredible app, and if you haven’t already downloaded it, I urge you to go and do it now. It’s packed full of incredible features that music lovers shouldn’t be without, and with its latest update, it just gets better.

Groove 2 already had some really terrific features that made it a must-have iOS app, including intuitive gesture controls, the ability to download missing album artwork and information, sharing over your favorite social networks, clever organization features, and much more. But with its latest update, there’s even more to enjoy.

The biggest change is that Groove 2 now supports the new iPad’s high-resolution Retina display. If you thought this app looked good before the update, check it out now; I guarantee you’ll be impressed. The iPad also gets new on-screen volume controls, and a new play and pause toggle gesture. In addition, all options have been moved to the ‘Actions’ menu to be consistent with the iPhone version.

Another new feature that I’ve been waiting for since I adopted Groove 2 is the ability to shuffle albums and playlists. I really missed a shuffle feature before (I don’t like listening to music in the order in which it was intended), so it’s great to see it in the version 2.0.2 update. There’s also a new repeat mode for the iPad, and the old ‘Playlist End Action’ feature has been resurrected.

Finally, this update fixes some issues with scrobbling and login, blurriness on non-Retina devices, and it improves stability.

Groove 2 currently has 50% off its regular price, so you can grab it for a limited time for just $1.99.

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    Don’t forget the support for iTunes match