HackStore Now Available For Distributing Apps And Tweaks On The Mac


Mac apps that Apple won't let into the Mac App Store are available in the HackStore.
Mac apps that Apple won't let into the Mac App Store are available in the HackStore.

Several weeks ago we brought you an exclusive look at the HackStore, an upcoming Mac App Store alternative for unapproved OS X apps and tweaks. After finishing up development, the HackStore is now available for everyone to download.

“I had the idea for the HackStore in December of 2011,” project leader Andrey Fedotov told Cult of Mac. “I was inspired by Cydia and App Store, but I didnt like the limits of the Mac App Store. Since December, my team and I did a lot of work to make our app better. And now we are glad to present the HackStore to everyone! We are always open to all new suggestions and questions!”

The apps’s “No piracy apps here, forever and ever,” as Fedotov wants to make sure his store remains free of pirated and illegal content. Developers are encouraged to submit their apps for distribution within the app, and there are already applications available for users to check out. The HackStore will be updated periodically with improvements and more apps. Growl is used to handle notifications on the Mac. You can download the HackStore here.

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  • baby_Twitty

    Amazing development

  • kapps7

    Doesn’t run Mountain lion dp3 ?

  • saurik

    So, Bodega (appbodega.com) already is a place where software that is not available in the official Apple App Store can be distributed on Mac OS X. In particular, you can find software such as Seas0nPass (the AppleTV Jailbreak) and DropBox (which modifies Finder and thereby violates the Apple sandbox). I am honestly surprised that this article was written without one mention of Bodega, given that the HackStore seems to offer no advantages over it.

    (For my part, I am the developer of Cydia on iOS, and Bodega’s existence is the reason why you won’t see me bother releasing a Cydia for Mac without first having figured out how to get Substrate, the real reason people use Cydia, working on that platform. The interesting challenge is not “distribute applications”–again, there already is a perfectly reasonable and well-worn way to do that: Bodega–it is instead to figure out how to change the way people write software.)

  • kapps7


    Interesting, hadn’t heard of it. Will check it out. Thanks for all your work by the way with Cydia :)

  • pod2g

    Nice fake saurik. Users, do not trust about promoting appbodega.

  • saurik

    Nice fake saurik. Users, do not trust about promoting appbodega.

    :( http://test.saurik.com/proof/ <- This is really me, and I've thereby had to flag you for being a troll (and as the real pod2g would have verified with me on IRC before making such a comment, I can also feel pretty certain you are fake ;P). (Additionally, this pod2g account claims to be in the US, and that's not where pod2g is from. Seriously: is this funny?)

  • pod2g

    @fake_saurik Natural saurik do not promoting apps. + if you was natural all world already knew what you wrote. +natural saurik is busy man and everyone respect him and he never speak like this. + you soo big troll.

  • Downs

    Too bad they had a server overload and the Hackstore wont be back up for awhile.

    Source: hack-store.com
    “Server down! =(
    Server is down. The HackStore app will display a grey screen. we trying to fix it. stay tuned.

    P.S. when server was down 15000 people was online.

    Thanks for downloading HackStore!

    Best Regards, HackStore development team.”

  • TheRossRobinson

    How about an update to this story to say it doesn’t work?

  • Jeff Rabe

    How is this breaking news when we already have Bodega ? How is it different ? Why was Bodega not even mentioned ?

  • screenwriternyc

    not working on 10.6

  • screenwriternyc

    what are the system requirements? thnks.